Lance Armstrong still appearing on magazine covers

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It seems that I couldn’t get away from Lance Armstrong’s piercing gaze staring out at me from the local magazine rack over the past decade.

He regularly appeared on Bicycling, Outdoors, and Men’s Journal, as well as the scandal sheets like the National Examiner.

He’s back, even after his fall from grace. Now, however, he’s featured among “The 20 Dumbest” on Mad Magazine’s year-end issue and the “Bum Steer” on the Texas Monthly cover.

It’s not actually Armstrong on the Mad Magazine cover, but Alfred E. Neuman striking a winning Armstrong-like pose. It was only a matter of time until he got lampooned there.

Texas Monthly cover

Closer to his roots, Texas Monthly chose Armstrong for the annual Bum Steer award in January’s issue. Previous winners include Gov. Rick Perry, Roger Clemens, and Anne Nicole Smith.

The headline next to a caricature of Armstrong striking a victory pose reads: “Congrats, Lance. There’s one title no one can strip from you.”

As reported at, Texas Monthly editor Jake Silverstein says that no one in the magazine’s nearly 40-year history has ever gone from “wearing a halo only to reappear wearing our institutional dunce cap.”

New book

There’s also a new book out with Lance Armstrong on the cover — “Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong.”

Written by David Walsh, it tells how the British journalist uncovered doping allegations against Armstrong years ago and the reaction of the pro cycling world that come to Armstrong’s defense.

It took 13 years for Walsh to be vindicated, after the Union Cycliste Internationale accepted a damning report from the US Anti-Doping Agency.

Read more at Australia’s Herald Sun.

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