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Heroes rising and fallen: Teen girl bicycles across India on epic rescue, Armstrong back on TV

Lance Armstrong returns to TV on Sunday night as an ESPN documentary chronicles the pro cyclist’s fall from highly praised 7-time Tour de France winner to disgraced blood doper.

Screen grab from trailer for “Lance”

Don’t know if I’ll watch this, as everything about the Texan’s career is a disappointment. I was thrilled by his …

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Lance Armstrong pays $5 million in fraud settlement

Pro cycling cheat Lance Armstrong has settled his fraud lawsuit brought by the U.S. government for $5 million, it was announced on Thursday. Prosecutors were seeking up to $100 million in damages.

After fending off accusations for years that he had doped his way to seven Tour de France championships, Armstrong admitted in 2013 that …

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RAGBRAI — where Armstrong is still welcome

Disgraced pro cyclist Lance Armstrong is returning to the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) next Sunday when more than 20,000 cyclists pull out of Rock Valley for the cross-state ride.

It’s one of the few places he’s felt comfortable after authorities stripped him of 7 Tour de France titles for doping.

This will …

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Reality-based TV show idea — “My Name is Lance”

A few years ago there was a TV show entitled “My Name is Earl” about a lowlife (played by Jason Lee) who goes around righting all the wrongs he’s done to other folks in his life to improve his karma.

Watching the Lance Armstrong “worldwide exclusive” interview the past couple of nights, I couldn’t help …

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Digesting that Lance Armstrong “confession”

Apparently we’re really not going to find out exactly what Lance Armstrong told Oprah Winfrey until Thursday, when the show airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network – OWN.

Winfrey has been pretty tight-lipped about the details, although other people who were present wasted no time in leaking the news that Armstrong did, in fact, admit …

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Lance Armstrong still appearing on magazine covers

It seems that I couldn’t get away from Lance Armstrong’s piercing gaze staring out at me from the local magazine rack over the past decade.

He regularly appeared on Bicycling, Outdoors, and Men’s Journal, as well as the scandal sheets like the National Examiner.

He’s back, even after his fall from grace. Now, however, he’s …

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Livestrong Foundation deletes Lance Armstrong’s name from title

The foundation that Lance Armstrong created to inform and support cancer patients and their families officially dropped his identity from its name this week.

Although it had become known as the LIVESTRONG Foundation in recent years, the actual name was still the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Now, when you go to the Livestrong.org website, you’ll see …

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UCI upholds sanctions against Lance Armstrong

[Postscript: Oct. 23, 2012 — Lance Armstrong removed “7-time Tour de France winner” from his Twitter bio.]

Officials for the governing body of cycling say they agree that Lance Armstrong cheated by using performance-enhancing drugs during his career and they won’t challenge the sanctions against him.

The Union Cycliste Internationale came to the conclusion after …

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The other shoe falls in Armstrong doping case

Athletic shoe and clothing marketer Nike announced on Wednesday it is ending its contract with Lance Armstrong, the same day that the embattled former pro cyclist announced he was stepping down as chairman of Livestrong. Armstrong business partners Trek and Anheuser-Busch soon followed suit.

The announcements come a week after the USADA disclosed the details of its doping case against the one-time Tour de France champion and stripped him of his 7 titles.

Nike, a longtime supporter of Armstrong and the Livestrong foundation, had stood by him over the years. The company even issued assurances last month …

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Who gets Lance Armstrong’s victories? No one.

The director of the Tour de France says that doping was so rampant during the Lance Armstrong era that probably no one would be awarded those 7 championships.

“When you read the USADA report, you can’t be indifferent. .. It depicts an era and a system which are forever soiled. The best solution is to …

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