Digesting that Lance Armstrong “confession”

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Apparently we’re really not going to find out exactly what Lance Armstrong told Oprah Winfrey until Thursday, when the show airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network – OWN.

JonStewartWinfrey has been pretty tight-lipped about the details, although other people who were present wasted no time in leaking the news that Armstrong did, in fact, admit to doping. We’re going to have to wait until Thursday to find out how much Armstrong actually owned up to.

Everyone has been reporting on the issue. Here’s a digest of some of the latest news:

The Daily Show with John Stewart — Stewart admits to being duped by Armstrong like the rest of us. Although the story is tragic, it’s good to get a laugh everyone once in a while.


Juliet Macur at New York Times — Everything she’s been writing about the Armstrong controversy you can take to the bank. Latest report is that Armstrong is discussing plans with the federal government to testify in the Floyd Landis whistle-blower case.

Stephanie Saul at New York Times — How Lance Armstrong and his associates bound their business interests to the Livestrong charity.

Gwen Knapp at Sports on Earth — Columnist hopes Oprah Winfrey doesn’t forget the many people that Armstrong wronged in his years of denials and deceit, an issue that should especially resonate among her audience of women.

Andrew Hood at Velonews — Some cyclists, like Mark Cavendish, are sick and tired with questions about Armstrong. Others, though, says it’s good to talk about it to clear the air.

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