Putting my trailer to use as a Christmas tree carrier

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Ever since I bought an old Yak bicycle trailer a few years ago, I’ve experimented with different uses for it.

Rolling past Bill Pace market with my Christmas tree

Rolling past Bill Pace market with my Christmas tree

Initially, I employed it exclusively for bicycle camping trips to the Olympic Peninsula, Mount Rainier, Wenatchee and the John Wayne Pioneer Trail.

One of the biggest drawbacks on those trips, I discovered, was my complete loss of self-control when it came to packing. The trailer can hold a lot of gear, and I always filled it.

Later on, I pressed it into service for big hauls from the hardware store or the grocery. I have no trouble piling several days worth of food into it, along with laundry detergent, a 12-pack of beer, and whatever else might be on the shopping list.

Tree hauling
But I always wondered if it could handle a Christmas tree. A couple of places sell trees in the neighborhood, and it always seemed a little dumb to use the car to run an errand that’s old a few blocks away.

So with the weather cold but inviting for a bike ride on Saturday, I bundled up and headed to the Bill Pace Fresh Fruit and Produce Market that’s selling Christmas trees in the neighborhood this year.

I chose a 7-foot noble fir grown at a tree farm in Onalaska, Washington. The guy at the tree lot offered to hold the fir it until I brought my car. He was a little surprised when I said I’d be hauling it on my bike.

Rolling across the shopping center parking lot

Rolling across the shopping center parking lot

It took a couple of minutes to figure out how to load it, but no longer than it takes to tie a tree onto a car. I settled on bungee-cording it to the trailer with the trunk hanging out the back and top brushing my left elbow. A customer said she had to shoot a picture of me and my rig, and I asked one of the baristas in the market to get some pictures for my use.

The short trip home, about a half mile, was uneventful. It took about three pedal strokes to rebalance with the new load, and I just took it slow and steady. When I got home, I simply unhitched the bungee cord and carried the tree around to the back of the house.

I didn’t have to vacuum pine needles out of the car trunk, nor untie and carefully remove the tree from the car top without scratching the finish.

I’m definitely making this a new holiday tradition.

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    • Sachi Wilson on December 7, 2013 at 4:59 pm
    • Reply

    Nice! A more upright trailer such as a Burley Travoy would be less awkward to use for that, because the tree would not threaten to stab you in the behind. :-)

    1. That’s probably why one of the bystanders suggested I make all right turns on the way home!

  1. I think you should mount it up right and ride around with it fully decorated. That would be pretty cool.

    1. It would be awesome! I’ll light it up, too, if you have an extension cord I can borrow.

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