Seattle bike share goes live Monday afternoon

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Seattle’s Pronto Cycle Share system will be ready to roll by Monday afternoon with 500 bicycles available at 50 stations scattered between the International District and University of Washington.

Pronto bikes in warehouse - photo by Pronto

Pronto bikes in warehouse – photo by Pronto

To mark Seattle’s entrance into the bike-share generation, five group rides to deliver some of the Pronto bikes to their destinations will get underway at noon.

Pronto members can participate in the following rides that start at noon and will take about a half hour (click on the links for details and number of spaces left):

Sometime after noon on Monday, Pronto officials will make the system operational. Members will be able to unlock bikes and ride them for 30 minutes for free. To avoid extra fees, just lock the bike at a bike station before 30 minutes passes and get another bike.

If you’re among the 800-some annual members (as of Friday), Pronto suggests you follow these guidelines to ensure a seamless  use of the system beginning Monday afternoon.

— Log in to make sure your membership key is activated;

— Check outstanding notifications on your account, especially if you registered on Aug. 25 or 26;

— Consider downloading the SpotCycle App for your smartphone to help find available bikes and station locations;

— Get your free helmet at REI or other participating local bike shop with a voucher.

 Some other things to know:

Seattle interactive bike map (city of Seattle)

Pronto membership sign up

Pronto station map

How to operate Pronto

Cascade Bicycle Club offers lessons for using Pronto


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