Washington state bicycle advocates joining forces?

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The Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Bikes! may merge into a single entity by the end of the year.

It would create a one-stop, statewide shop for advocacy, bike rides, and education.

The Cascade Bicycle Club’s board of directors approved a letter of intent regarding the merger last week. The Washington Bikes! board is currently considering the proposal and expects to vote next week.

“Bringing the two organizations together would result in a unified bicycle education curriculum for students across the state and in the Puget Sound Region,” according to a joint press release issued Monday morning. “The advocacy work of both organizations would be strengthened if unified.”

Cascade is currently headed by executive director Elizabeth Kiker; Barb Chamberlain leads Washington Bikes!

“The merger would result in saved overhead costs and more money directly funding current work and new programs, like Cascade’s Major Taylor program and Washington Bikes’ state bike tourism initiative,” says the press release. “Washington Bikes’ grassroots successes across the state would also be a great partner for Cascade’s statewide tours, events and rides.”

The “letter of intent” includes more specifics involving combination.

Although termed a merger, the Washington Bikes! brand will be controlled by Cascade. Also, “relevant staff” will be offered employment with Cascade, and assets and liabilities of Washington Bikes! will be absorbed by Cascade.

The Seattle Bike Blog has interviews with Chamberlain and Kiker that explain more details of the merger.

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