Former pro cyclist Floyd Landis launches marijuana business

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Dishonored Tour de France champion Floyd Landis has become a businessman — selling cannabis products.

Floyd Landis creates pot products at Floyd's of Leadville

Floyd Landis creates pot products at Floyd’s of Leadville

Where life after cycling for former pro cyclists in the US has meant producing bicycles and bike clothing or commentating on TV, Landis is getting in the marijuana industry.

His Colorado-based company, Landis of Leadville, will produce cannabis oil from marijuana plants for use in vaping, skin applications and edibles.

The products will be sold to retailers in states where recreational marijuana use is legal — Washington, Alaska, Colorado, and Oregon.

His partner in the endeavor is David Zabriskie, writes WIRED. A former pro cyclist who briefly wore the yellow jersey, Zabriskie’s career ended  when he admitted that he used performance enhancing drugs.

On Friday, Landis tweeted with more than a hint of irony: “Thank you to everyone for the support. I’m happy to finally be involved in a legitimate industry.”

Landis won the 2006 Tour de France, but the victory was vacated when he was banned from cycling for taking performance enhancing drugs. His efforts to rejoin the peloton resulted in calling out former teammate Lance Armstrong, leading to a major doping controversy in pro cycling.

Landis told Business Insider that he started using recreational marijuana to deal with pain from a hip injury he suffered early in his cycling career.

“I think it’s foolish that it’s banned and that it’s banned in professional sports, that it’s illegal and people go to prison over it. If we can get past the little catchphrases by duplicitous congressmen and law enforcement just to keep this thing illegal, then we can actually have a real conversation about it.”

Landis is planning a launch event on Thursday, June 30, 7-11 PM, at Club Vinyl, 1082 Broadway, Denver, Colorado.

Landis and Lance Armstrong both make their home in Colorado now, and Landis has a whistleblower lawsuit against his former boss.

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