Snoqualmie Valley Trail section closes; Green River Trail reopens

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The Snoqualmie Valley Regional Trail is closing again from July 5 to about Aug. 12 at a work site located between Carnation and Duvall.

Because the trail is located on a narrow stretch of land between the Snoqualmie River and State Route 203, there is no room for a detour.

The work zone on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail this spring

The work zone on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail this spring

State Route 203 lacks adequate shoulders and carries heavy car and truck traffic.

The trail will be closed to allow contractors to complete a shoreline protection project in  a bend in the river that threatens the trail and highway in flood stage.

The closure is located between 1-1/2 miles south of Northeast 124th Street (Novelty) to 2 miles north of the Stillwater Recreation area (see map).

Called the Sinnema Quaale Upper Revetment project, the job forced closure of the trail from last fall until late spring. At that time, King County warned the trail would close again to finish the job.

The Snoqualmie Valley Trail is a crushed gravel rail-trail that runs from Duvall to Rattlesnake Lake, passing through a number of rural towns. It originally was a spur line of the Chicago, St. Paul and Milwaukee and Pacific Railroad Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad.

Meanwhile, King County announced that a levee project on the Green River is complete, and the entire length of the Green River Trail is once again open to bicycle traffic.

The trail was closed between the South 200th Street bridge and South 190th Street in Kent (just north of Three Friends Fishing Hole) to enable repairs to the Briscoe levee.

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    That should be the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad, its original name.

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