1984 Bike Tour: Day 60 — Marking time in Flagstaff

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Wednesday, July 11, 1984
Flagstaff, Ariz.
00 miles

I’m reprinting the day-to-day journal entries of a cross-country bike tour my friend and I took in 1984. More about the TransAmerica Tour 1984.

Bis’ Journal

We stayed here in Flagstaff another day to parcel out our time. We want to meet up with our friends from the UK in a couple of days further down the road.

It’s hard to do nothing. We cleaned our bikes, did laundry, sat out by the pool, drank a couple of beers and it started raining. Back inside, the housekeeper slipped us a key to operate the TV — this was a Motel 6 and we hadn’t paid the few extra bucks for this feature — and we killed more time.

With all this free time today,  I’ve been thinking about the trip ending. We could hit the Pacific in about a week. I don’t think I’ll be ready for it to end.

After eight weeks on the road, I still  have a wanderlust. It might be stronger now than before. That’s why I’m happy moving down the road, taking things as they come. Sitting here in Flagstaff, I’m itchin’ to go.

Headline: July 11, 1984
President Reagan traveled to the Chesapeake Bay
to claim credit for cleanup efforts in the area,
but his visit provoked a new outcry
among longtime critics of his environmental policies

Bruce’s Journal

We will stay today in Flagstaff, partly because errands keep us here and partly because we need to kill a day so we can meet the London crew Sunday night in Quartsite.

In the laundromat now, the TV game shows are blaring. I’ve just gotten a haircut down the way and we will clean our bikes today and relax over a few beers at the Motel 6 pool…

Rain interfered with our pool plans, but we did manage the bike cleaning and beer drinking. Later, after some TV (the maid sneaked us a key [the key works the TV in the room and, of course, costs extra]), we walked into and all over town, got something to eat and walked back. We were exhausted [walking was a lot harder than cycling at this point in the trip].


Day 61 — A leech attaches himself to us

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