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1984 Bike Tour: Day 64 – I can feel the heat on my eyelids

Looks like most of the residents of Hope, Arizona,
have given up all hope…

I awoke about sunup this morning and … no Bruce.

It had been so hot and dry, we didn't see the need to pitch the tent last night. We threw the tarp down and just slept on that, until, at some point in the night, I realized all kinds of insects were walking around on me. I took my mat and put it on a picnic table and went back to sleep. Jim had already booked the other table.

 Bruce woke up later, about 2 a.m., for the same reason I had, discovered the picnic tables already taken, and took off for a ride. He ended up at an all-night cafe where a group of 20 Native American runners showed up. …

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TransAmerica Bicycle Tour — 1984

Yorktown, Va., to Oceanside, Calif. 68 days 3,989 miles

May 13, 1984 – July 19, 1984

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I always get a little distracted when May rolls around. It seems that no matter what I’m doing, a part of my brain is spinning to remember what I was doing at this …

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