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Explorer abandons attempt to reach South Pole by bicycle

A Boulder, Colorado, man arrived safely back in Chile this past weekend after abandoning his attempt to be the first person to ride a bicycle to the South Pole.

Eric Larson, 41, launched the solo Cycle South expedition from the Hercules Inlet on the Antarctic coast on Dec. 20 with a goal to cover the 750 miles to the South Pole by Jan. 12.

Eight days after setting off, however, Larsen said he realized that he was only making about 10 nautical miles a day, not enough to reach his destination before his supplies ran out.

Climbing, headwinds, snow drifts …

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American explorer attempts bicycle journey to the South Pole

December might not seem to be the ideal time to embark on a bicycle touring adventure, unless your destination is the South Pole where summer arrives Dec. 21.

That’s where Boulder-based adventurer Eric Larsen is headed on his 750-mile Cycle South expedition.

The 41-year-old is riding and carrying his provisions — about 100 pounds — …

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