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More cycle tracks and greenways in Seattle’s bicycling future

Seattle is taking another stab at improving bicycling in the city in an updated Bicycle Master Plan that relies heavily on cycle tracks and greenways — two schemes not promoted in the original master plan approved in 2007.

The idea is to entice potential bike riders who are not particularly interested in mixing it up …

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Where to learn about updating Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan

The Seattle Bicycle Master Plan is a work in progress.

Since the master plan was first adopted in 2007, some new best practices to make roads safer for cyclists have evolved.

Policy makers want to implement some of those changes in an updated master plan currently under review. [See the updated plan here.]

Cycle …

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See Seattle bicycle master plan updates and comment

The bicycling public has a chance to talk directly with the city staff in charge of updating Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan at three public meetings this week.

The goal of the master plan, first approved in 2007, is to make bicycling a safe and integral part of getting around Seattle.

Meetings are scheduled for 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.:

Wednesday (Nov. 7) at Seattle City Hall, Bertha Knight Landes Room, 600 Fourth Avenue …

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Updating Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan; upcoming meetings

Seattle’s bicycling future is being crafted right now as the city continues work on updating the 5-year-old Seattle Bicycle Master Plan.

The update project team will make a presentation to the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board on Wednesday night. More public meetings are planned in the coming months (see below).

The update project team plans to …

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