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2012 Seattle Bicycle Expo fits all styles of bicycling

How do you ride your bicycle: Transportation? Recreation? Competition?

The Cascade Bicycle Club made sure all types of bicycling got plenty of treatment at the 2012 Seattle Bicycle Expo this weekend.

Another aspect of two-wheeled fun greeted me on Saturday every time I walked down another aisle at the Smith Cove Cruise Terminal venue or attended another presentation at one of three stages.

For instance, BMX freestylers flying through the air, above, shared one section of the lower level with a display of nearly a dozen family and cargo bicycles designed more much less radical movement.

Kids and cargo

The Family and Cargo bike group is affiliated with Cascade. You’ll often see them at the Bicycle Sunday events at Seward Park during the summer.

Family and cargo bicycling “is exploding” in interest …

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