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New 520 bike path scheduled for May opening

Now that cars and trucks are using the new floating bridge over Lake Washington, opening the multi-use bike path is next on the checklist. Sometime in mid to late May is the target.

WSDOT posted this photo of the “regional shared-use path” on Flickr this weekend. As one viewer commented, in surprise and perhaps disgust, “This …

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Bike commuters beat the back-up on I-90

Scores of bicyclists took to the Mountains-to-Sound/I-90 bike trail this morning to avoid being stuck in traffic at the Interstate 90 work zone in Bellevue.

Although no one was making a count of bike commuters, I’d estimate that bike traffic passing the kiosk at the base of the Eastern Connector bridge was equal to or greater than the …

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Bicycling to beat this week’s I-90 closure kerfuffle; my wife takes the bike challenge

My wife usually takes the bus to work in the South Lake Union neighborhood in Seattle, and whenever there’s the chance of a huge traffic gridlock, I usually joke, “Why don’t you bike to work?”

I used to think it was funny, but now it’s just a tired, stupid comment. She finished her last metric century …

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The who and where of bicycle commuting in U.S.

If you regularly ride your bicycle to work, then the League of American Bicyclists report “Where We Ride: Analysis of Bicycling in American Cities” is all about you.

The report by the LAB staff digs into the results of the 2012 American Community Survey released by the U.S. Census Bureau in September.

You might remember …

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Bicycle Benefits: You deserve a reward for riding your bike

Need a little more encouragement to commute or run an errand on your bicycle?

What if you could get a 10% or 15% discount off breakfast at the local cafe or coffee shop, a free banana with your groceries or an energy bar with your purchase at a bike shop?

I stumbled across just such …

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Lots of support for Friday’s Bike to Work Day

If you plan to Bike to Work on Friday, you’ll likely find a lot of encouragement at morning commute stations set up throughout the Puget Sound region.

Here’s a map created by Cascade Bicycle Club of 43 commute stations set up throughout Seattle and its suburbs where bicyclists can pick up water, snacks, maps, and free bike-related swag.

Many bike commute stations are hosted by local bicycle shops…..

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