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Pierce County’s Foothills Trail open for bicycling from East Puyallup to Buckley

The long wait is over. Bicyclists can now take the paved Foothills Trail from the East Puyallup trailhead, through Orting and South Prairie, and into Buckley — a distance of 21 miles. (more)

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Bicycling to Mount Rainier and the road to Ipsut Creek

[Update: I just read a good piece about the bicycle riding opportunities at Mount Rainier National Park at the Washington Bikes blog — Biking at Mount Rainier. Here’s a bike trip a friend and I took about four years ago from Bellevue to the Isput Campground at the national park…]

Aug. 8, 2010 — My bicycling buddy Kazuki and I are shown celebrating the exhilarating experience of crossing the soaring bridge over the Carbon River gorge on the way to Mount Rainier National Park ….

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