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UK judge excuses bait bike thief, criticizes police

Imagine this English judge carefully placing his wig on a shelf and hanging his robe in the closet after work, then discovering that the bicycle he was going to ride home had been stolen.

Maybe he’d see bike theft differently.

Instead, judge Peter Hughes recently criticized police in northwest England’s Cumbria county for putting out …

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Bicycle theft strikes gold-medal winner Kristin Armstrong

When Olympic gold-medal winner Kristin Armstrong of Boise opened on Tuesday two bicycle boxes used to ship home her racing bicycles she used in the Summer Games in London, they were empty.

One — the Felt DA time trial bike — is valued at about $30,000. The other — a Felt F1 road bike — …

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Don’t leave valuables in your car at bike trails

Sometimes when you park your car at your favorite bike trail or to meet up for a group bike ride you’ll see a sign something like the one posted at the Foothills Trail East Puyallup Trailhead:

“Park at your own risk. High theft area. Do not leave valuables in your car.”

A recent incident at …

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