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Bicycle camping guide for Kansas

KansasCyclist blogger Randy Rasa has created a helpful online guide if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Kansas, on a bicycle, and in need of a place to pitch your tent.

Kansas Bicycle Camping is a directory of more than 200 locations in the Sunflower State where bicycle travelers are welcome to camp out.

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How to support the U.S. Bicycle Route System

Imagine a nationwide network of numbered and marked bicycle routes that directs bike travelers to major destinations in all 50 states — that’s the U.S. Bicycle Route System.

This isn’t a pipe dream. Some routes already exist: Route 1 in Maine, New Hampshire, Virginia and North Carolina; Route 76 in Virginia, Kentucky and Illinois; Routes 20 and 35 in Michigan; Routes 8, 95, 97, and 87 in Alaska.

Currently, 40 states (including Washington state) are researching the best bicycle routes to win approval from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials for their addition to the USBRS.

The non-profit Adventure Cycling Association has taken on the job of coordinating and providing technical assistance in this effort among the states. It’s launching a fund-raising drive this month …

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Diary tells of cross-country bike tour in 1923

For two Pennsylvania teen-agers taking their journey of a lifetime, a cross-country bicycle tour in 1923 meant living off the land, hopping freight trains and run-ins with local cops.

As you can see from the photo at left, their cycling gear was spartan:

A single-speed bike equipped with a carbide lamp and belongings carried in a bedroll slung over the shoulder.

The cross-country bike tour tale of Arthur Miller and his friend Earl Hagerman was revealed in a diary that recently fell into the hands of Arthur’s daughter, Lois Yingling, 83, of York, Pa. …

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