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How bicycles help an African village; World Bicycle Relief video

World Bicycle Relief has been going strong for the past 10 years to donate sturdy bicycles to people in developing countries.

The Chicago-based nonprofit recently posted a series of videos explaining how bicycles can make a difference, allowing people access to markets, healthcare and education.

Here’s a film about how a bicycle helped an …

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Bicycles drive progress in developing countries

When the Christian Science Monitor newspaper highlighted eight innovative philanthropists this past weekend, it  first profiled World Bicycle Relief and its founder F.K. Day.

The executive vice president of bike component maker SRAM is cited as a prime example of the new style of humanitarian who does more than just open his wallet for a …

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World Bicycle Relief takes bike tour to Africa

Later this fall, 24 people will travel to Africa to ride their bikes in Zambia and South Africa to learn more about what World Bicycle Relief can make possible.

The bike tour, which includes pro cycling team manager Johan Bruyneel, also hopes to raise $1 million toward the efforts to provide tens of thousands of bicycles to people in those countries.

The non-profit was founded in 2005 by the SRAM Corporation and Trek Bicycle to get transportation — bicycles — into coastline communities devastated by the Indian Ocean tsunami.

Since then, World Bicycle Relief has expanded its reach to Africa. The group believes that many of the problems on that continent — access to market, education, and health care — are problems of mobility that can be solved by the bicycle. ….

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