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Bike tour searches for people who “go the extra mile”

Much like the philospher Diogenes used a lamp to search for an honest man in ancient Greece, Shawn Anderson is using a bike to find people who go the extra mile.

Anderson, 46, is calling this the Extra Mile America Tour.

The motivational speaker and author set off by bike from San Francisco on July 21 and plans to reach Boston by Oct. 8. Along the way, he's searching for those who are going the extra mile in their lives, and he's encouraging others to give a little more effort.

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He's repeating his message to gatherings in 21 cities ….

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RAAM champion and teen-ager travel to Alaska by bike

What happens to former Race Across America bike riders? Sometimes they're kind of like old soldiers, “they just ride away.”

Two-time RAAM champion Danny Chew is riding away on his bicycle with a goal of tallying 1 million miles.

Riding indoors or on a trainer doesn't count. Chew logs all his miles outside, which is why it's not surprising that he recently turned up crossing the Alaska border on his bicycle with his nephew, Steven Perezluha.

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Perezluha, 18, enlisted his uncle to accompany him on a bicycle tour from his home in Longwood, Florida, to Alaska and back.  Since Chew lives in Pittsburgh, his nephew bicycled the first 1,200 miles alone and then with his father …

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