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Bike tour across Asia leads to school project in Nepal

Sometimes a chance encounter made while traveling by bicycle can lead to a life-long undertaking.

Such is the case of Mike Church, 27, whose 10,000-mile bike tour across Europe and Asia with a small group of bicyclists has led to the founding and maintenance of a school in a part of Nepal that is far off the tourist track.

The Mikey Medium English School, named for Church, opened in 2008 with funds provided in lieu of wedding gifts to Church's marriage to Ali Sharp. Since then, Church's parents have helped their son raise funds for the project. Church grew up in Davidsonville, Maryland, and is now a graduate student in Montana.

Interviewed in the Annapolis Capital, Church said:

“It just goes to show you how surprisingly easy it is to make a difference. It's a wonderful thing. My parents and I have supplied the school, but it's not a heroic deed. In the grand scheme of things, it's a minor and painless exercise ……

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TransAmerica bike tour in 6 minutes 18 seconds

If the winter weather is getting to you, this video should remind you that good bicycle traveling days are ahead.

This 6:18-minute video is a compilation of photos taken on the Bike the US for MS 2009 cross-country bike tour from Virginia to Oregon that raised $25,000 for the charity.

According to Adventure Cycling Association's Bike Bits newsletter, MS biker Bret Taylor attached a digital camera to his bicycle and set it to shoot an image every 5 miles. He strung the images together ….

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Bike travelers take to the Southern Hemisphere

One look at the Weather Channel temperature map at left confirms that much of the US is locked in frigid winter weather.

If you layer up, you're probably OK for bike commuting or riding your bike on an errand, but long-distance bike tourists are in for chilly riding during the day and colder camping at night.

There are lots of bike travelers on the road, however. You'll generally find them in the Southern Hemisphere where it's late spring.

In the left column I've listed a baker's dozen bike tour blogs under “On-the-road bike travelers.” Some are either approaching or south of the equater right now. What adventures are they having while the rest of us are slipping on our booties and tearing through our gear looking for balaclavas? ……

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Bike hostels: They'll leave the light on for you

When I wrote about Farmington, Missouri, opening a bike hostel in an old jail on the TransAmerica Trail this fall, I wondered how many hostels are primarily devoted to bicycle travelers.

I could name three off the top of my head from my TransAmerica trip 25 years ago — Cookie Lady's Bike House in Afton, Virginia; Elk Garden, Virginia, and Pippa Passes, Kentucky.

We also bunked in hostels in Ordway, Colorado; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Hutchinson, Kansas.

When I started searching for more recently, it didn't take long before I stumbled across several websites with extensive lists of free or low-cost bike hostels …..

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Bike travel author Anne Mustoe dies on bike tour in Syria

One of the bicycling world's most articulate travel authors passed away recently on what she said was going to be her last around-the-world bike tour.

Anne Mustoe of Great Britain died in a hospital in Aleppo, Syria, on Nov. 10. She was 76.

The former girl's school headmistress started her around-the-world bicycle travels when she was 54. She circled the globe twice — once in each direction — and wrote 7 books about her adventures.

She got the idea to travel by bike when she saw a man pedaling a bicycle across a desert in northern India. She was riding in a passing train at the time.

She left her job at the girl's school and was given a Condor bicycle as a going away present. She covered about 100,000 miles on that bike before she died. ….

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Traveling across Europe by bike with two dogs

Note: Dawn Lumsden of Canada and Finley Fagan of Australia are on a long-term, around-the-world bike tour with their two SPCA-rescue dogs, Jack and Paco. Right now, they're settled into a Berlin apartment for the time-being and are writing about their ongoing adventures at their Cycling Gypsies blog.

Dawn and Finley, aka Zoa and Fin, were kind enough to offer this story to the Biking Bis website. It tells what prompted them to embark on their bike tour, and how they chose some of the equipment for their unusual entourage.

A bicycle odyssey with dogs: Our customized rides 

“Cycling around the world? Ha! Yeah right… Bicycles are for around town, not for around the world.”

But my girlfriend was serious, and a quick Google search proved she was right. Thousands and thousands of cyclists were traversing countries and continents at any given moment. The idea seemed absurd, yet irresistibly epic. Sign me up!

Only one small problem. Well, actually one medium sized problem, and another big, hairy problem. Our two dogs! Can you believe it? Nobody wanted to look after them while we cycled carefree into the horizon …..

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The further adventures of former RAAM champion and his nephew

When we last left two-time Race Across America champion Danny Chew and his nephew Steven Perezluha, the pair were rejoicing after traveling 5,115 miles by bike to Alaska.

When they turned around and started home in August, they also headed into trouble.

Eighteen-year-old Perezluha told his hometown newspaper, the Orlando Sentinel:

“The trip back home seemed like it took longer than the trip up. Some parts of it were harder. It may have been harder a little more mentally because all these things kept trying to stop us, and I had to keep telling myself to keep going …..

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Tour de Hunter bike tour raised funds for kayaking safety

Drew Hunter's father, fiance and best friend rode across a rainswept bridge on the Massachusetts coastline on Sunday to complete a cross-country bike ride to raise funds for kayaking safety programs.

Dubbed the Tour de Hunter, the 5,000-mide bike ride honored the memory of Hunter, a 28-year-old former Marshfield resident who died in a kayaking accident in June.

One hundred friends and family met the trio as they finished their bike tour. Another 1,500 fans followed the bike ride over the past few months at the Tour de Hunter Facebook page.

Hunter's fiance, Jenna Seoane, and best friend, Brendan Cohen, started the TransAmerica bike tour in Astoria, Oregon, in July ….

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Quintuplet bicycle carries family to Alaska

The five-member Harrison family is more than 2,000 miles into a 7,000-mile epic bike tour from Kentucky to Alaska by way of Florida and Texas.

Bill and Amarind and their three children — Cheyenne (6), Jasmine (4) and Robin (3) — are undertaking the bike tour on a quintuple bike that can be reconfigured to a quad, triplet or straight tandem by decoupling some sections.

That's the family at left soon after taking delivery of the quint bike. What you don't see is their racks and trailer loaded down with enough gear to sustain them all the way from their home in Mount Vernon, Kentucky, to their destination in Fairbanks, Alaska, sometime in 2010.

In fact, that two-wheel bike trailer carried so much stuff that it would scrape bottom on some bumpy roads until Bill made some adjustments ….

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Baker's dozen cross-country bike tours offered in 2010

It's never too soon to start planning for a major bike ride next year.

Although cross-country bike travel isn't in the cards for me, I started checking into self-contained or fully supported coast-to-coast bike tours that are offered in 2010.

Here a a few that I stumbled across that are being offered by non-profits or as fund-raisers for charitable causes. The rides are targeted for everyone from college students to women over 50.

I'll update the 2010 Cross-country Bike Travel page for more rides as I come across them. ……

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