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“Flying” on bikes in Spokane wins Alliance photo contest

Here's a whimsical moment of two generations sharing some fun on bicycles.

The photo — entitled “Flying” — won the People Powered Movement photo contest from the Alliance for Biking and Walking announced Thursday.

Spokane photographer Rachel Schell snapped the image at Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane, Wash. As the overall grand prize winner out of 1,700 photos submitted, she wins …

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Actors and actresses ride bicycles, too

When the Hollywood glitterati take their walk down the Red Carpet at the Academy Awards on Sunday, imagine that they've arrived by bicycle.

It's doubtful they did. I think the limousine is still the transport of choice to such events.

But if publicity photos from Hollywood are any indication, the stars do enjoy taking an occasional spin on two wheels.

Philadelphia film critic Steven Rea, an avid bicyclists himself, has been providing these archived photos at his Rides a Bike blog …

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Police solve biggest crime wave ever in Chico (CA) — stolen bicycles

This stolen bicycle case from Chico, California, is notable even though more than a quarter million bicycles are stolen every year.

Police have arrested a man they believe is responsible for the theft of an estimated $125,000 worth of high-end bicycles in northern California.

They found 30 such bicycles whole or disassembled for resale in a storage locker.

The Chico Press-Enterprise says that police believe the 28-year-old man already sold more than a dozen stolen bicycles …

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Railbikes ride in the tracks of the iron horse

Recently, I discovered the world of railroad velocipedes — bicycles that ride the rails.

What led me there was a TV reality show, “American Pickers.” One of the buyers is Mike Wolfe, a bicycle enthusiast who occasionally dredges up vintage bikes; I guess that's what originally drew my interest.

Recently, he dragged a vintage railroad handcar out of a building. It was a 100-year-old one-person machine used to inspect the railroad tracks.

It occurred to me that this might be a cool way to travel on some abandoned railways that hadn't been converted to rail-to-trail bike paths. ….

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Deteriorating condition of bicycle parked in New York City

Time-lapse photography demonstrates the life-expectancy of a bicycle on a New York City street — about 270 days.

Quite frankly, I'm surprised it lasted that long.

The demise of the bicycle locked up in the Soho district by the staff at design company Red Peak doesn't start until about 180 days into the experiment when the water bottle disappears.

Oddly, the U-lock disappears …

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George Carlin: bike hater, lover, or just playing it for laughs?

George Carlin was one of my all-time favorite comedians, and I loved to hear him ridicule our institutions.

So I was seriously distressed to hear what he said about bicyclists in this short piece posted on YouTube a few years ago.

It wasn't the profanity that got to me, it was his apparent unbridled animosity toward bicyclists.

So I was …

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The most popular 2011 stories at BikingBis; month by month

By now, just two days before the New Year, the interest in the top stories for 2011 at this blog must be reaching a fever pitch.

While many other blogs already have divulged their top stories, I've been holding back until I show my hand.

Unfortunately, my site stat database only shows month-by-month results. Since I'm too lazy to add them up, here is a monthly look at the stories blog readers found most interesting this year. [Photo above from 2011 Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic.]


“Computer snafu ties up registration for Cascade Bicycle Club.”  Unfortunately, this story was updated so many times …

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Passersby pedaling to keep Christmas tree alight

The Christmas tree lights already are shining in many town squares, but I was glad to see at least one city is using bicycle-power to keep its árbol de Navidad illuminated.

The warmth generated at the Mexican city park might not come from the Christmas lights on the tree, but the 15 volunteers who are pedaling at its base.

Visitors are pedaling to keep the tree lit in the city of Puebla, which is hosting a “Sustainable Christmas” fair this year.

The bicycles are attached to generators that charge two batteries ….

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Turkey warning this Thanksgiving; bicycles can be used for hunting

A kid with a fishing pole riding a bicycle is an iconic American image. It's so vivid in my mind's eye that I was surprised there was no such illustration in the Norman Rockwell database.

But the bicycle can be used for hunting, too. I'm not into hunting so it never occurred to me, but if you use a bicycle for transportation, there's no reason you can't use one to get closer to your prey.

It's easy to see why. Who hasn't surprised wildlife along the trail? This fall I surprised some turkeys on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail in eastern Washington, and I've scared up browsing deer.

A Corning (CA) Observer reader asked recently whether it was legal to hunt from a bicycle ….

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12 bicycle wall calendars for 2012: The sexy and sublime

Time marches on, pedal stroke by pedal stroke. In a few days, your bicycle calendar will be woefully out of date.

Here are a few suggestions for calendars that you might not mind seeing every day in 2012.

The women's bicycling gang “The Belle Starrs” is entering the calendar madness in 2012 with its “Safety is Sexy: Your 2012 pin-up is a guide to ride.” Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, the bicyclists are raising money for their club as well as a local charity. That's Stacy Schroeder on the cover, with other members featured inside.

Although not as sexy, the Adventure Cycling Association's 2012 Calendar will feed your interest in bicycle touring. The nonprofit used photo entries …

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