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“Rising from the Ashes” by bicycle

Bicycling is the centerpiece of the inspiring documentary “Rising from the Ashes,” a story set in Africa that’s making the rounds of the film festival circuit this fall.

It tells how genocide survivors from the Rwandan civil war are helped by an American cyclist to form the Rwanda national cycling team.

As you can imagine, the story is not all about the bike.

The cyclists were all children during the Rwandan genocide…

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On video: Motorist harasses cyclists in Colorado

The Colorado State Patrol is now investigating this incident on Sunday in which the driver of a white SUV harassed a couple of cyclists east of Longmont, Colorado, for more than five minutes.

I have to give credit to the cyclists for keeping their cool, not allowing the situation to escalate, and catching the whole thing on video.

According to news reports, Dirk Friel and his friend were out for a bike ride this past Sunday when the motorist came up behind them and started blaring his horn. It’s a narrow road with no shoulder ….

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UK judge excuses bait bike thief, criticizes police

Imagine this English judge carefully placing his wig on a shelf and hanging his robe in the closet after work, then discovering that the bicycle he was going to ride home had been stolen.

Maybe he’d see bike theft differently.

Instead, judge Peter Hughes recently criticized police in northwest England’s Cumbria county for putting out …

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Bicycle panniers that survive the years and dog attacks

A couple of weeks ago, I ran into a family on bicycles up at Log Boom Park on the Burke-Gilman Trail. What first drew my attention to them were the old blue panniers on the dad’s tandem.

Eclipse panniers

I recognized them immediately as an Eclipse model of panniers. They’re the saddlebags that efficiently lugged …

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3 top questions for high-wheel bicycle riders

This is what the first bicycle races must have looked like — folks riding penny-farthings down the Main Street of town.

Penny farthing enthusiasts gathered in Frederick, Maryland, this past weekend for the Frederick Clustered Spires High Wheel Race.

Among them was 3-time Tour de France champion Greg Lemond, who was attending another charity bike event but took a teetering spin on one of the vintage bikes. …

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Doping news in the world of cycling this week; Armstrong, Vaughters, Hamilton

Lance Armstrong’s court battle to prevent the US Anti-Doping Agency from pursuing its doping charges against him isn’t the only news in the world of doping this week.
Garmin Sharp manager Jonathan Vaughters admitted in a New York Times op-ed piece to taking performance-enhancing drugs during the cycling career, and cyclist Tyler Hamilton lost his 2004 gold medal because of doping.

The common thread for all these stories is that all the players rode for the US Postal Service team at one time or another.

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Urban bike culture on view at Bicycle Film Festival

The Bicycle Film Festival rolls out for a three-day run in New York City on Friday, reminding us that Seattle isn’t included among the 25 international locations for the 2012 edition.

Cycling fans in those festival cities will get to enjoy a slice of bicycling culture from the Pacific Northwest in a piece on Seattle Bike Polo entitled, “Hit ‘Em in the Mouth.” Described at the BFF website:

“A documentary exploring the culture of Seattle Bike Polo, the birthplace of the current polo craze. The movie centers around the dominant figures of the scene, including the father of hardcourt bike polo Matt Messenger…

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Bike stolen in sausage link and wrench attack

Unfortunately, bicycle thefts are so commonplace that they don’t deserve mention. This one is an exception.

A Brockton, Massachusetts, man was hospitalized on Sunday after he was attacked by a man wielding sausage links and a wrench.

The victim told police that he was riding his bicycle on Sunday morning when “a man came up …

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Is that a bike commuter or touring cyclist on new stamp?

The US Postal Service gives a nod to exercise and fuel-effecient transportation with its release of four postage stamps depicting different styles of bicycling.

The set of “forever” stamps were released officially in Minneapolis last week. That stung some folks in Portland, where they were still celebrating after taking over the No. 1 spot from Minneapolis in Bicycling magazine’s list of top cities for bicycling.

Commuter or bike traveler?

Now I don’t want to stir up controversy here, but …

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Flawed list of 20 best bike scenes in movies (minus one)

Got to admit to being truly baffled by this list of “20 Best Bicycle Scenes in Cinema, Ever” at the Denver Westworld weekly.

And here’s why — “Breaking Away” didn’t make the list.

I know I’m prejudiced, but the scene of Dave Stoller riding in the slipstream of an 18-wheeler across the rolling Indiana landscape to the strains of Italian opera is one of my most memorable film moments. Just last week I watched the 1979 film on one of the cable channels and got choked at the finish when (spoiler alert) the Cutters win the Little Indy 500.

Of course, “Breaking Away” isn’t a bicycling film. It’s about four friends …

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