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More work on Burke Gilman this week; mountain biking film on tap

Don’t be concerned when you see work crews show up on the Burke-Gilman Trail near Mathews Beach starting today.

There won’t be any miles-long detours around work areas for months on end like those facing bicyclists last year.

The Seattle Department of Transportation is repairing the pavement on the Hall of Fame rail-to-trail between NE …

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Flawed list of 20 best bike scenes in movies (minus one)

Got to admit to being truly baffled by this list of “20 Best Bicycle Scenes in Cinema, Ever” at the Denver Westworld weekly.

And here’s why — “Breaking Away” didn’t make the list.

I know I’m prejudiced, but the scene of Dave Stoller riding in the slipstream of an 18-wheeler across the rolling Indiana landscape to the strains of Italian opera is one of my most memorable film moments. Just last week I watched the 1979 film on one of the cable channels and got choked at the finish when (spoiler alert) the Cutters win the Little Indy 500.

Of course, “Breaking Away” isn’t a bicycling film. It’s about four friends …

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