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One bike club wins advocacy award; another disbands

Congratulations to Bike San Diego for winning the advocacy organization of the year award from Alliance for Biking and Walking.

The Alliance notes that the group has accomplished a lot in just a short time.

It raised awareness of bicycling issues in the city among bicyclists and elected officials. Consider this photo from the BikeSD …

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Amazing anti-bike stance by elected official

Sometimes I can’t believe what I read.

A story broke from Long Island last week about a 17-year-old who suggested to his local representative that he should push for more bike lanes on Suffolk County roads. The request came after the boy’s mother was struck by a car while on her bike.

Here’s part of the …

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Ride of Silence rolls out in 360 cities tonight

You can show your support for bicyclists who have been killed or injured in traffic by joining tonight’s 10th Ride for Silence in your community.

There is no fee and there are no T-shirts. Memorial bike rides will begin in some 360 cities around the world beginning at 7 p.m. Wednesday. You can find a list of all the Ride for Silence starting locations in the United States here.

There are rides in 48 U.S. states. Only North Dakota and Hawaii …

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Is Volvo’s “cyclist detection system” necessary?

Automobile maker Volvo says they’ve developed a new safety system that detects bicyclists and automatically applies the brakes if the bicyclist veers into the path of the car.

I thought all cars already had such a safety device — it’s called the driver.

If motorists pay attention to the road in front of them, and I know that is a big “if” sometimes, then they can stop their cars if they see a bicyclist veer into their path. ….

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Safe passing bill hearing in Olympia today supports bicycling

Thanks to all those bicyclists who are heading to Olympia today for Transportation Advocacy Day.

One bicycle-friendly Senate bill that’s on tap for a hearing Tuesday would make it legal for motorists to cross over a double-yellow line to give safe passage to bicyclists or pedestrians. The bill defines safe passage as a 3-foot gap.

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Bicyclists need to be heard in Bellevue (WA)

City planners for Bellevue, home to the BikingBis blog, are beginning to consider a vision for the future in an updated Comprehensive Plan.

That future should include the goal of making Bellevue a platinum-level Bicycle Friendly Community.

Transportation always ranks as a big problem in Bellevue. Part of that stems from belonging to the Seattle …

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Surprising keynote speaker for 2013 National Bike Summit

If it’s time for Republicans and Democrats to get along to avoid the fiscal cliff, maybe bicyclists and motorists should be working together as well.

That might be the message behind the League of American Bicyclists announcement that the keynote speaker for the 2013 National Bike Summit in Washington DC will be Yolanda Cade, national …

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26 new bicycle-friendly communities honored, including Los Angeles, Nashville and Miami

Large US cities continue to achieve bicycle friendly status from the League of American Bicyclists as Los Angeles, Nashville and Miami received the honor this week.

The latest round comprised 26 cities that entered the list — 23 at the lowest level (bronze) and three at the next higher level, silver. In all, the League has named 242 cities in 48 states as bicycle-friendly communities. See bicycle-friendly community map.

The recent US Census results show why it’s important for the largest US cities to accept bicycle-friendly policies. The League found that bicycle commuting rates grew by 80% …

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Unsafe roads: Filmmakers search for answers on cross-country bicycle tour

Three bicyclists are filming interviews and collision scenes as they head down the California coast this week to begin a cross-country bicycle tour.

They hope to learn how Americans share the road and why that leads to so many deaths and injuries to people on two wheels. They plan to release a documentary film on the subject in 2014 entitled “Spoke.”

There’s a lot of interest in their work. The three — Em Baker, Nick Navarro and Lauren Gardner — recently raised more than $11,000 for the project from 125 donors at Kickstarter.com. …

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Bicyclists win battle over rumble strips on Vashon Island

Give a hand to the Vashon Island bicyclists for standing their ground and convincing King County to curb further plans to install rumble strips on Vashon Highway.

The county transportation department announced last week it was “scaling back” its plan to install an additional 4 miles of centerline and shoulder rumble strips on the highway …

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