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Trail to span USA nearing completion

Live celebration for Great American Rail-Trail is Wednesday

Rails to Trails Conservancy is promoting a live event this Wednesday to reveal the preferred route for the Great American Rail-Trail — an off-road trail route that will stretch 3,700 miles from Washington DC to Washington state and fulfill the dream for off-road bicycle travelers.

The …

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Traveling bicyclist and his partner raise awareness about rescue dogs

Dogs and bicyclists have a special relationship, all too often involving the dog chasing the bicyclist.

That’s not the case with Mike Minnick and Bixby, however. The pair are sharing a bicycle as they travel together around the US, stopping at animal shelters along the way to raise awareness about the need to rescue pets …

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Fines don’t worry cross-country cyclist on New York Citi Bike

Choosing a durable bike for a cross-country bicycle tour is a good idea. When Jeffrey Tanenhaus chose a ride for his adventure, he went to a most familiar source — the New York City Bike bike share system.

Tanenhaus set off from New York City back on Aug. 6 on one of 12,000 bikes in …

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Cross-county cyclist battles Parkinson’s

The next time you consider skipping a bike ride because it’s drizzling, or it isn’t sunny, or you didn’t get your 8 hours the previous night, remember about Steve Quam.

The 68-year-old bicyclist from Anderson, S.C., suffers from Parkinson’s disease, a nervous system disorder that gets worse with time. In spite of that, he’s riding a self-contained bicycle …

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Brit wins Trans Am Bike Race in 17 days

It only took Mike Hall of Harrogate, UK, 17 days-16 hours to ride his bicycle from Astoria, Oregon, to Yorktown, Virginia, on the TransAmerica Trail bicycle route, a distance of 4,406 miles.

It’s the same epic route that touring bicyclists have used to cross the US since 1976. Their journeys are usually completed in months, …

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Cross-country charity bike ride goes private for 2014

One of the longest operating cross-country charity bike tours is undergoing changes that puts it in private hands.

The American Lung Association’s Big Ride Across America will be owned and operated by Bicycle Bliss, LLC, a bike touring company owned by Charlton DuRant and Lynn Petrotte.

The two have been ride directors for Big Ride …

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Cross-country bicycle tour film marks recovery from hit-and-run

“If you’re a driver, slow down, give us some room. This is our life. What’s a few more feet. Take it easy on us.”

That’s one message that Pearson and Peter Constantino want to share in a soon-to-be released video, “The Long Ride Back.”

The film chronicles Pearson’s recovery from a hit and crash with an SUV, and the challenge of making a 3,500-mile cross-country bicycle ride….

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Unsafe roads: Filmmakers search for answers on cross-country bicycle tour

Three bicyclists are filming interviews and collision scenes as they head down the California coast this week to begin a cross-country bicycle tour.

They hope to learn how Americans share the road and why that leads to so many deaths and injuries to people on two wheels. They plan to release a documentary film on the subject in 2014 entitled “Spoke.”

There’s a lot of interest in their work. The three — Em Baker, Nick Navarro and Lauren Gardner — recently raised more than $11,000 for the project from 125 donors at Kickstarter.com. …

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Finding a companion for your long-distance bike tour

“We were completely different backgrounds — she’s a liberal Seattle Democrat — but we got along famously. We didn’t talk politics — when you’re trying to survive the wilderness, politics is low on the list.”

Maybe members of Congress should take a bicycle tour — a very long bicycle tour — together.

At least, that’s …

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