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“Cycling the Pacific Coast” is definitive guidebook for West Coast adventure

If a bicycle tour of the Pacific Coast is in your sights, you should consider using “Cycling the Pacific Coast” by Bill Thorness.

The book published by Mountaineers Books is nothing less than the definitive guidebook for those traveling the 2,000 miles from Vancouver, BC, to the Mexican border.

Bill Thorness, a Seattle-based author and …

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Traveling bicyclist and his partner raise awareness about rescue dogs

Dogs and bicyclists have a special relationship, all too often involving the dog chasing the bicyclist.

That’s not the case with Mike Minnick and Bixby, however. The pair are sharing a bicycle as they travel together around the US, stopping at animal shelters along the way to raise awareness about the need to rescue pets …

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Bicycle tourism is still on the rise; Adventure Cycling Association

Whatever you call it — bicycle tourism, bicycle travel, or bikepacking — the Adventure Cycling Association says it is booming.

That’s great news for those of us who like to make overnight excursions by bicycle.

It means that more small towns, or park operators, or entrepreneurs will see the economic benefits of appealing to the …

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Adventure Cycling publishes Route 66 bicycle maps

A whole new generation of travelers — this time on bicycles — will begin getting their kicks on Route 66 this spring and summer.

The Adventure Cycling Association released this week its new 6-map set for the Route 66 Bicycle Route that it started working on in 2010.

Just like the song says: “It winds from …

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Age no barrier on solo trans-Canada bicycle tour

Don’t tell Howard Dietzman that he’s too old to ride his bike. The 81-year-old grandfather from New Jersey completed a solo bicycle tour across Canada earlier this fall.

It was his second bike trip across Canada. He’s completed three rides across the US, in addition to a bike tour from New York to Alaska. I …

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Across the Australian outback by bicycle 100 years ago

The development of smaller cameras and more durable film in the late 19th and early 20th century added a whole new dimension to explorations by bicycle.

Edward ‘Ryko’ Reichenbach took advantage of that technology to publicize his record-setting, 3,000 km south-north bicycle ride across Australia in just 28 days in 1914.

Some photos taken by …

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A cross-country bicycle tour that’s for the birds

Dorian Anderson, PhD, was riding his bicycle around Sawgrass Lake County Park near St. Petersburg the other day. He’s a long way from his latest home in Boston, and he’s enjoying the warm weather.

He’s not interested in getting a tan, though, and he’s not much interested in the road, either.

Anderson is keeping his …

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Touring bicyclists can pump up small-town Montana economies

Those travelers who crisscross Montana by bicycle leave a lot of money behind as they go, spending on average between $75 to $102 a day.

That according to “Analysis of Touring Cyclists,” a study by the Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research at University of Montana in cooperation with the nonprofit Adventure Cycling Association, based …

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Adventure Cycling Association lists bicycle tours for next year

It’s not even Columbus Day, but you might want to start checking around for a guided bicycle tour to take next year.

The non-profit Adventure Cycling Association on Wednesday issued its list of more than 80 guided bicycle tours in the U.S. and warned that some of its most popular trips are already booked.

The …

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