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‘Idaho Stop’ rolls into Oregon for bicyclists

A new law in Oregon allows bicycle riders to slide through stop signs at intersections without coming to a full stop after first yielding to right-of-way traffic.

The law, Senate Bill 998, went into effect on Jan. 1, 2020. It enables bicyclists to treat stop signs as “yield” signs; it does not apply to stop …

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“Cycling the Pacific Coast” is definitive guidebook for West Coast adventure

If a bicycle tour of the Pacific Coast is in your sights, you should consider using “Cycling the Pacific Coast” by Bill Thorness.

The book published by Mountaineers Books is nothing less than the definitive guidebook for those traveling the 2,000 miles from Vancouver, BC, to the Mexican border.

Bill Thorness, a Seattle-based author and …

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New guidebook for Washington & Oregon rail-trails

With 82 rail-trails in Washington state and 19 in Oregon, how can a bicyclist choose which trails to ride? More than 1,000 miles of rail-trails suitable for bicycling wind across Washington’s landscape, with some 300 miles of trails in Oregon.

The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is helping to solve that problem by publishing an official guidebook for the region — …

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How to tell Oregon what you think of Scenic Bikeways

The folks at the Oregon tourism department came up with a great idea a few years ago when they developed the first of 12 Oregon Scenic Bikeways.

It’s the first, and still the only, such program in the US. The routes are created with the help of local riders and range from a morning’s ride …

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Bicycle routes and rides along the Historic Columbia River Highway

Beginning in 1922, one of the most scenic motor routes in the nation was the Columbia River Highway through the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.

It fell into disuse with the construction of interstate highways, but cyclists are finding that the historic route with its overlooks high above the river, waterfalls and tunnels is even …

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EuroVelo network connects European countries with bicycle routes

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking an extended bicycle tour on your own through Europe — and who hasn’t — there’s a website now that can show you the way.

The EuroVelo.com website maps out 14 long-distance bicycle routes that link up cities in more than 40 countries in Europe.

When complete, the network will …

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Oregon’s Old West Scenic Bikeway captured on video

Oregon boasts nine official Scenic Bikeways that allow bicycle tourists to easily experience some picturesque landscapes on low-traffic roads.

Now Travel Oregon is promoting them on video. Their first film, a larger version can be seen on the jump, shows some highlights from the Old West Scenic Bikeway in eastern Oregon. The 174-mile bike loop starts in John Day and is designed to take three days. …

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Magazine and new books aid search for bicycling adventures in Pacific NW

The recent string of sunny spring days should be setting cyclists’ legs a-twitching in the Pacific Northwest as they think ahead to summer adventures on their bicycles.

Picking a destination should be easier than ever this summer as at least three new books will share prime bicycling routes in Oregon and Washington. Actually, with so many choices, picking a biking option might be more difficult

Let’s start with an article in the current Outdoors NW pub that picks “10 Classic rides in the Northwest.” Author Amy Poffenbarger chooses five mountain bike rides and five road routes that top the list of many cyclists in the Northwest. …

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