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How to tell Oregon what you think of Scenic Bikeways

The folks at the Oregon tourism department came up with a great idea a few years ago when they developed the first of 12 Oregon Scenic Bikeways.

It’s the first, and still the only, such program in the US. The routes are created with the help of local riders and range from a morning’s ride …

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Bicycles playing a bigger role in travel plans

It may not be as obvious as the bicycling surge in urban areas, but bicycle tourism is on the rise.

The staff at Adventure Cycling Association reports nine indications that, when people think of travel, more are considering using their bicycle. According to media director Winona Bateman, bicycle touring “is enjoying the kind of popularity not seen since the 1970s.”

There’s increased interest in all types of bike travel, from sub 24-hour overnighters to long self-supported trips, luxury to budget tours, mass bike rides to small tours.

Adventure Cycling listed these indications …

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Two retirees launch bike touring outfit in Ohio

Retirement is a time when many active adults finally get the opportunity to spend more time on their bicycles, even taking an organized bike tour or two every summer.

For avid bicyclists Rod Hutton and Joe Florian, however, retirement is giving them a chance to organize and offer their own multi-day bicycle tours of scenic …

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