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Caltrans clears way for Route 66 bike route

The Adventure Cycling Association will be able to route bicyclists all the way from Chicago to LA on its soon-to-be released Bicycle Route 66 Map Set after Caltrans agreed to open portions of Interstate 40 to bicycles.

Last month, Adventure Cycling reported that its proposed Route 66 bike route was stalled at the California border …

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Bicycle routes and rides along the Historic Columbia River Highway

Beginning in 1922, one of the most scenic motor routes in the nation was the Columbia River Highway through the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.

It fell into disuse with the construction of interstate highways, but cyclists are finding that the historic route with its overlooks high above the river, waterfalls and tunnels is even …

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Adventure Cycling creates new backcountry bike routes in Idaho

After creating more than 42,000 miles of bicycle routes on paved, gravel and dirt roads, Adventure Cycling Association is taking a foray onto backcountry single track.

It’s new Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route is a two-map set of the mountains, lakes and valleys of central Idaho.

The main 518-mile loop uses pavement, gravel roads, …

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Historic Route 66 seeing new life as a bicycle route?

Travelers driving between Chicago and LA used to get their kicks on Route 66 before it was essentially decommissioned in the 1980s with the emergence of the Interstate Highway system.

Now some surviving portions of the Mother Road in the Midwest have become destinations for bicycle tours while other abandoned stretches are being considered for bicycle trails.

The old highway, which dates back to 1920s, sounds like a great place to travel by bike today — in places. It wends across the landscape visiting small towns and passing the old-timey car culture claptrap of art-deco-style motels and diners bright with neon.

Elsewhere, of course, it's buried under freeways, becomes part of a frontage road system ….

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