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Snow-plowing on Bicycle Route 10 begins in Cascades

Washington state Department of Transportation crews announced they will begin plowing snow from US Bicycle Route 10 across the Cascade Range on Monday. It could be open in less than four weeks.

Actually, the state announced it was preparing to begin snow-plowing operations on State Route 20, the scenic North Cascades Highway.

But traveling bicyclists …

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Wildfires close cross-state bicycle routes in Washington state

Bicyclists traveling across the state of Washington should check for road closures before they get too far along.

Numerous wildfires are burning across forestland, creating road closures and bad air quality.

The biggest fire that could effect touring bicyclists is the 238,000-acre Carlton Complex in northeastern Washington, as it lays in the midst of a …

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How 4 bicycle travelers got through the North Cascades mudslides

There’s nothing like a first-person account from a touring bicyclist to add drama to the closure of the North Cascades Highway this past weekend.

Bekah Gordon wrote one at InventureTime.com, telling how she and her three companions slogged through mud and running water, hefted their loaded touring bikes over guardrails, then escaped an oncoming hailstorm …

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Finding a companion for your long-distance bike tour

“We were completely different backgrounds — she’s a liberal Seattle Democrat — but we got along famously. We didn’t talk politics — when you’re trying to survive the wilderness, politics is low on the list.”

Maybe members of Congress should take a bicycle tour — a very long bicycle tour — together.

At least, that’s …

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Senior couple’s inspiring bicycle tour

As the years mount up for me, I get more and more interested in seeing how many older folks are remaining active on their bicycles.

One example is Jerry and Shirley Smith, who at 73 and 72, respectively, are riding a tandem on a cross-country bike tour that roughly follows the Northern Tier bicycle route.

Cyclists on that route all know about the beauty and hardships of crossing the Cascades and Rockies. This year, heavy rain, high wind and record heat has been added to the mix.

That’s no different for the Newton, Kansas, couple …

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