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Surprising keynote speaker for 2013 National Bike Summit

If it’s time for Republicans and Democrats to get along to avoid the fiscal cliff, maybe bicyclists and motorists should be working together as well.

That might be the message behind the League of American Bicyclists announcement that the keynote speaker for the 2013 National Bike Summit in Washington DC will be Yolanda Cade, national …

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26 new bicycle-friendly communities honored, including Los Angeles, Nashville and Miami

Large US cities continue to achieve bicycle friendly status from the League of American Bicyclists as Los Angeles, Nashville and Miami received the honor this week.

The latest round comprised 26 cities that entered the list — 23 at the lowest level (bronze) and three at the next higher level, silver. In all, the League has named 242 cities in 48 states as bicycle-friendly communities. See bicycle-friendly community map.

The recent US Census results show why it’s important for the largest US cities to accept bicycle-friendly policies. The League found that bicycle commuting rates grew by 80% …

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Bicycle fatalities at the heart of new website

The League of American Bicyclists has launched a new website — Every Bicyclist Counts — that seeks to document each and every traffic-related bicycle fatality in the U.S.

It’s supposed to serve as a memorial to the cyclists who have died, gain information about the crashes, and track what happens in the courts after the crash.

In the process, I hope it doesn’t just scare the bejesus out of fledgling bicyclists who are considering more frequent riding. …

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Washington is still most bicycle friendly state — 5 years running

Washington remains the most bicycle friendly state in the nation for the fifth year in a row, according to an appraisal by the League of American Bicyclists released Tuesday.

The state earned a score of 4 out of 5 in the categories of Legal, Policies and Infrastructure, and a perfect 5 in Education and Evaluation.

Other states in the top 10 are, in order, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Colorado, Oregon, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Maryland, Maine and Delaware. …

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Ride of Silence and Bike to Work Day this week

All month we’ve been celebrating that coolest of all forms of transportation — the bicycle. The recognition slips into high gear this Monday through Friday for National Bicycle Week, culminating in Bike to Work Day.

You might be aware of bike-related promotions this week.

In the Seattle area, for instance, anyone who loads a bicycle on a King County Metro bus or Sound Transit express bus this week will ride for free …

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National Bike Month is on the way: Take if from this kid – you can ride your bike

May is National Bike Month. Get out on your bike. You’ll feel happy of yourself. Just listen to what this little fella in the video has to say about riding a bike.

May 9 is Bike to School Day.

May 14-18 is Bike to Work Week.

May 18 is Bike to Work Day.

You can search for events in your local area by checking the bike month database at League of American Bicyclists.

Here in Seattle …

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Is your college campus bicycle friendly?

Picking up the NCAA March Madness theme, the League of American Bicyclists has announced the latest additions to its list of Bicycle Friendly Universities.

The League added 5 colleges each to the Silver and Bronze rankings, raising the number of bike friendly campuses to 35 in 21 states.

Another 6 campuses were given an Honorable Mention.The new additions are …

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“Save Cycling” is issue at this week’s National Bike Summit

The League of American Bicyclists is convening some 800 bike advocates in Washington DC beginning Tuesday to “Save Cycling.”

That’s a fine theme for the 2012 National Bicycle Summit, as expressed at right in a League promo from September.

A more accurate theme, but less catchy, could be “Save Funding for Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure.”

No one is threatening to take away our bicycles, but federal funding to make travel safer for bicyclists is at risk. …

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Senate listens to bicycle activists in transportation bill

Those of you who responded to the call from bicycle advocates to contact your US senators to support federal funding for bicycle programs should be pleased to know your efforts have paid off.

The Senate approved a two-year $109 billion Transportation bill today that, among other things, includes an “Additional Activities” fund that local governments can use for such local projects as bike lanes and trails.

The original version of the bill — MAP-21 — didn’t include any language that enabled local governments to access that fund. It would have been controlled at the state level.

Bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups …

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