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May Valley Road rumble strips — they’re coming back

May Valley Road is one of my favorite rides in King County. It links the populated Newcastle suburbs with routes to Issaquah and Hobart via a rural road that’s reminiscent of country byways I used to ride back East.

That’s why I rejoiced when I discovered recently that the rumble strips that had been milled …

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Bicyclists win battle over rumble strips on Vashon Island

Give a hand to the Vashon Island bicyclists for standing their ground and convincing King County to curb further plans to install rumble strips on Vashon Highway.

The county transportation department announced last week it was “scaling back” its plan to install an additional 4 miles of centerline and shoulder rumble strips on the highway …

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Caution: Rumble strips installed on May Valley Road (WA)

Bicyclists need to use extra caution on May Valley Road after road crews milled rumble strips into a curvy section between the Squak Mountain Park and Issaquah-Hobart Road sometime in the past week.

There are no signs to alert the many cyclists who use this portion of road to the new hazard.

This section is typically where bicyclists can pick up some speed on a nice downhill if they’re heading east. I’d expect it would be difficult to control a speeding bike that hits these.

Even so, as you can tell from the photo, they appear to meet standards …

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