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Bicycle panniers that survive the years and dog attacks

A couple of weeks ago, I ran into a family on bicycles up at Log Boom Park on the Burke-Gilman Trail. What first drew my attention to them were the old blue panniers on the dad’s tandem.

Eclipse panniers

I recognized them immediately as an Eclipse model of panniers. They’re the saddlebags that efficiently lugged …

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Bicycle breakdown on the road? AAA now offers rescue in Pacific NW

AAA Washington begins offering roadside assistance to bicyclists today, getting on board with services offered for more than a year in Oregon and southern Idaho.

The new service covers bicyclists on their travels anywhere in Washington, Idaho, Oregon or British Columbia.

No, AAA has not hired a crack team of bicycle mechanics who can be …

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States can opt out of bicycle-project spending in new federal Transportation funding bill

The Supreme Court ruling on the health care law isn’t the only big news coming out of the nation’s capital this morning.

The long-awaited House-Senate conference report on Transportation funding also was expected on Thursday. In fact, here are all 600 pages of MAP-21.

Bicycle advocates have been making a full-court press on Congress to preserve funding for “Transportation enhancements” (such as funding for bicycle projects) in the bill.

It appears they’ve only had partial success. …

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Separated bikeways coming to a city near you?

Six US cities are cooperating in a project to share what they’re learning about building separated bike lanes.

Participating in the so-called Green Lane Project are Portland, San Francisco, Austin, Memphis, Chicago and Washington DC.

The bike lanes don’t necessarily have to be painted green, but they do have to be separated from motor …

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California 3-foot law watered down before approved by Senate

The California state Senate voted in favor of a bill on Friday that was written to require motorists to give bicycle riders a 3-foot gap when passing.

If approved by the Assembly and signed by the governor, California would become the 21st state with a 3-foot buffer law on the books (see “20 states motorists …

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Bicycle fatalities at the heart of new website

The League of American Bicyclists has launched a new website — Every Bicyclist Counts — that seeks to document each and every traffic-related bicycle fatality in the U.S.

It’s supposed to serve as a memorial to the cyclists who have died, gain information about the crashes, and track what happens in the courts after the crash.

In the process, I hope it doesn’t just scare the bejesus out of fledgling bicyclists who are considering more frequent riding. …

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Ride of Silence and Bike to Work Day this week

All month we’ve been celebrating that coolest of all forms of transportation — the bicycle. The recognition slips into high gear this Monday through Friday for National Bicycle Week, culminating in Bike to Work Day.

You might be aware of bike-related promotions this week.

In the Seattle area, for instance, anyone who loads a bicycle on a King County Metro bus or Sound Transit express bus this week will ride for free …

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Pedal America begins airing this weekend — except in Seattle

A new 7-part public television series that examines bike culture in North America begins Saturday in some major cities, just in time for National Bike Month.

“Pedal America” is hosted by Ira David, a New York City native and avid cyclist who has criss-crossed the country many times on his bicycle to benefit charities and causes in the past.

Aiming to “educate, inspire, and motivate cyclists of all ages to rediscover the basic joys of cycling,” David and co-host Kati Lightholder visit far-flung locations to find examples of bicycling goodness in people and places …

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National Bike Challenge: Ride bike, log miles, repeat

What’s the best way to be an ambassador for bicycling? Simply go out and ride your bike.

That’s what I’ve been doing for all but one of the “30 Days of Biking” the past month, and that’s what I plan to do for the National Bike Challenge, which starts Tuesday and last through the end of August.

The idea, unveiled in March at the National Bike Summit 2012 in Washington DC, seeks to sign up 50,000 people as individuals or team members to ride their bicycles 10 million miles from May 1 to Aug. 31..

When I signed up Sunday night, I was No. 12,048, so they have a way to go until they hit their goal. …

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Caution: Rumble strips installed on May Valley Road (WA)

Bicyclists need to use extra caution on May Valley Road after road crews milled rumble strips into a curvy section between the Squak Mountain Park and Issaquah-Hobart Road sometime in the past week.

There are no signs to alert the many cyclists who use this portion of road to the new hazard.

This section is typically where bicyclists can pick up some speed on a nice downhill if they’re heading east. I’d expect it would be difficult to control a speeding bike that hits these.

Even so, as you can tell from the photo, they appear to meet standards …

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