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A bike for every kid in South Carolina school

Will 650 children at Peppermill Elementary School in South Carolina get new bicycles this holiday season? That’s the goal of teacher Katie Blomquist.

The 1st grade teacher for the elementary school in North Charleston wants to buy bikes, helmets, and locks for every pupil.

She opened a fund-raising page at GoFundMe.com entitled “Every Kid Deserves a …

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Grant boosts bicycle tourism in WA town; more People for Bikes awards given

A town in the scenic Okanogan region of northern Washington state is banking on bicycle tourism to improve the local economy.

The People for Bikes nonprofit granted $1,250 to the Borderlands Historical Society in Oroville to make improvements that will cater to bicycling visitors.

The grant will help pay for installation of a bicycle repair …

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Victory for bicycle projects in Missouri

What is it about some Missouri politicians? They seem to think they can make political hay out of proposing laws that stick it to bicyclists.

Four years ago it was some council members in St. Charles County who wanted to ban bicycling on some county roads. The issue lost support of the majority on council, …

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States can opt out of bicycle-project spending in new federal Transportation funding bill

The Supreme Court ruling on the health care law isn’t the only big news coming out of the nation’s capital this morning.

The long-awaited House-Senate conference report on Transportation funding also was expected on Thursday. In fact, here are all 600 pages of MAP-21.

Bicycle advocates have been making a full-court press on Congress to preserve funding for “Transportation enhancements” (such as funding for bicycle projects) in the bill.

It appears they’ve only had partial success. …

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