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Cyclists urged to attend SR 520 bridge meeting Thursday

The artist’s conception of the new Highway 520 bridge over Lake Washington shows a first-ever bike lane across the span, among other amenities.

But the devil is in the details, and the Cascade Bicycle Club is urging cyclists to attend a Thursday workshop on the bridge presented by the Washington Department of Transportation.

Tessa Greegor, principal planner for the club, says the connections to the bridge for bicyclists are important too. On Thursday, transportation staff will share their work on designs that integrate connections for bicycles, pedestrians and commuters …

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Write WSDOT: Hood Canal bridge still needs work for safe bicycling

Washington state bicycling advocates are facing a March 30 (Friday) deadline to convince the state to make some safety improvements to the Hood Canal Bridge (left).

The Bicycle Alliance of Washington (BAW) is asking cyclists to contact state Department of Transportation officials to get moving on the project.

Although replaced in 2009, the bridge that links the Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas still needs an estimated $1.8 million in work to make it safer for bicycles.

Problems include uneven surfaces between bridge sections, slick metal plates, raised rivets on the plates that narrow riding surface and gaps that have trapped narrow bike tires, causing falls. …

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Congratulations to these bike advocates

Who helped lead the way last year to put more bicyclists on the road and create a safer environment for them?

The Alliance for Biking and Walking recognized seven people, groups and corporations in its 2012 Advocacy Awards released Tuesday.

It’s a worthy list, and I don’t envy the task of narrowing the huge list of people working to improve bicycling conditions in the U.S. to just these few.

They were honored at the National Bike Summit ….

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“Save Cycling” is issue at this week’s National Bike Summit

The League of American Bicyclists is convening some 800 bike advocates in Washington DC beginning Tuesday to “Save Cycling.”

That’s a fine theme for the 2012 National Bicycle Summit, as expressed at right in a League promo from September.

A more accurate theme, but less catchy, could be “Save Funding for Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure.”

No one is threatening to take away our bicycles, but federal funding to make travel safer for bicyclists is at risk. …

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Senate listens to bicycle activists in transportation bill

Those of you who responded to the call from bicycle advocates to contact your US senators to support federal funding for bicycle programs should be pleased to know your efforts have paid off.

The Senate approved a two-year $109 billion Transportation bill today that, among other things, includes an “Additional Activities” fund that local governments can use for such local projects as bike lanes and trails.

The original version of the bill — MAP-21 — didn’t include any language that enabled local governments to access that fund. It would have been controlled at the state level.

Bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups …

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