Tacoma opens waterfront streets to bikes and pedestrians Sunday

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Ciclovia returns to Tacoma as seven miles of traffic-free roadway along the waterfront will be open to bicyclists and pedestrians on Sunday morning.

The city is closing down the thoroughfare between Port Defiance Park and the Tacoma Dome neighborhood for its second annual Downtown to Defiance Sunday Parkways event.

Downtown to Defiance will run from 8 a.m. to noon, when …

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Bike quote: Why bicycle tourists are the best tourists for small towns

Young cyclist visits with a local at Methow ice cream shop

“Many (cross-country riders) stay at hotels and motels, lodges. They’re not whizzing by you with a tankful of gas. They’re stopping and buying a few things here and there. They’re there to interact with a local community instead of driving by in a car and looking out the windows.”

– Steve Jahn, member …

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New bicycle-friendly businesses named in California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington

Twenty-eight businesses in West Coast and Pacific Northwest states joined or moved up on the League of American Bicyclists’ newest list of Bicycle Friendly Businesses.

One-hundred-and-fifty new and renewing businesses in 39 states and the District of Columbia made the list this fall — the most ever. The overall list of Bicycle Friendly Businesses contains 800 …

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Deaf and blind tandem cyclist ends bike tour after traffic collision

Harald Vik meets cyclists on his recent US tour. He's raising money to return at http://www.gofundme.com/dkfmbw

A deaf and blind bicyclist touring in the United States has returned to his home country of Norway to recover after being struck from behind by a motorist.

The cyclist — Harald Vik, 71 — was riding in the stoker position on a tandem bicycle when the collision occurred near Sioux Falls, Iowa South Dakota, last …

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Volunteers needed for upcoming annual bike/ped count

Every bicyclist counts. That’s why it’s important to get enough volunteers out in more than 40 cities across Washington on Sept. 30 – Oct. 2 to count bike commuters.

The results help demonstrate that money for bike lanes, bike paths, and other infrastructure increases bike traffic and reduces traffic congestion and its unhealthy side-effects.

WSDOT has a …

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New Sumner bike trail helps close the gap between Interurban (South) and Foothills Trails

A small bridge crosses the White River on the Sumner Link Trail

A paved bicycle trail that the city of Sumner built along the scenic White River has gone a long way toward connecting two great rail-trails — the Interurban (South) Trail in King County and the Foothills Trail in Pierce County.

The last section of the Sumner Link Trail completed this spring closed a gap in …

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3-foot passing buffer for bicyclists becomes law in California today

If bicyclists in California feel they have a little more space when cars pass today, that’s no accident.

Give Me 3

The state of California on Tuesday became the 24th state to require motorists give bicyclists and pedestrians at least 3 feet of space when passing.

The law, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown last September, became effective Tuesday after more than a year of preparation. Brown had vetoed two earlier versions …

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Have piano, will travel by bicycle; Mr. B’s Joybox Express hits the road

Musicians who travel the countryside by bicycle are rare, but not unheard of. It’s relatively easy to stash a cornet into a saddlebag or sling a banjo over one’s back.

Mr. B’s Joybox Express takes this a gigantic step forward by rolling an upright piano up on a bicycle trailer and hauling ass down the …

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US Bike Route 10 dedication is Sunday in Anacortes

Open Street Cycle Map of USBR 10. http://www.opencyclemap.org/?zoom=8&lat=48.17592&lon=-119.98274&layers=B0000

Washington Bikes is inviting folks interested in bicycle travel to attend the ribbon cutting on the new US Bike Route 10 in Anacortes this Sunday.

Click here for link to map

USBR 10 rolls out for 416 miles roughly along  the State Route 20 corridor from Anacortes to the Idaho border. That’s also the …

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Olympic Peninsula – Paving the Spruce Railroad Trail on the “back side” of Lake Crescent creates safer bike route

Spruce Railroad Trail on Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park

A paved trail is slowly but surely replacing the dirt and rock Spruce Railroad Trail on the north shore of Lake Crescent. When complete, it will provide a safe and scenic alternative to the narrow shoulder of US Highway 101 that bicyclists must now use to pass the lake.

Anyone who has bicycled on US Highway 101 …

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