2,000 more miles of U.S. Bicycle Routes added in 6 states


The U.S. Bicycle Route Network continues to grow. Now standing at 11,053 miles, it is one-fifth of the way to achieving its goal of 50,000 miles of signed bicycle routes in the U.S.

The latest growth spurt came after the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials approved 2,141 miles of new routes in …

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Citizens committee will study future of John Wayne Pioneer Trail in eastern Washington

Old railroad cut on John Wayne Pioneer Trail east of Ellensburg

An Eastern Washington state legislator is back pedaling on his scheme to close 130 miles of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail and turn it over to private landowners after a public hearing in Tekoa on Wednesday.

Republican Rep. Joe Schmick, at a public meeting with the Tekoa Trail & Trestle Association, agreed to set up …

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1.5 million bikes with front disc brakes recalled

Front wheel with disc brakes

In one of the biggest bicycle recalls ever, 1.5 million bicycles equipped with front disc brakes and quick-release levers are being recalled.

As first noted by a Trek bicycle recall of 1 million bikes earlier this year, the problem stems from improperly closed front quick-release levers that come loose and can get caught up in …

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Volunteers make improvements to John Wayne Pioneer Trail in eastern WA

Horse drawn wagon crossing rail-trail bridge near Ellensburg

The attempt by two eastern Washington state legislators to give away 130 miles of public rail-trail to adjacent private landowners is raising more public awareness to the possibilities for the John Wayne Pioneer Trail. [See “Proposed land grab threatens eastern John Wayne Pioneer Trail“]

Now a representative of the John Wayne Pioneer Wagons and Riders …

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“Wording error” saved John Wayne Pioneer Trail from private takeover

Cyclists emerge from Snoqualmie Tunne;l

This is scary.

Apparently, a simple typo was the only thing that prevented two eastern Washington legislators from giving away half the length of the cross-state John Wayne Pioneer Trail to adjacent landowners. [See my post from yesterday: “Proposed land grab threatens eastern John Wayne Pioneer Trail.”]

The Associated Press reports that the last-minute provision …

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Proposed “land grab” threatens eastern John Wayne Pioneer Trail

John Wayne Pioneer Trail at TrailLink.com

So this is what can happen when one of those treasured abandoned railroad corridors isn’t fully developed into a first-class rail-trail for bicycling, hiking and horseback riding.

A couple of state legislators want the state of Washington to abandon a section of the John Wayne Pioneer TrailĀ and give it to adjacent private landowners. [Update: “Wording …

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Florida county bans bicycles on connector road

Sarasota area county bans bicycles from road (shown in red)

Here we go again.

Manatee County, FL, officials have banned bicycles from 1.9-mile-long Hidden Valley Trail. The two-lane road is a low-traffic, east-west connection that’s a popular link used by bicyclists.

A brief history of bicycle advocacy shows that bicycle bans don’t stick. Just ask officials in Black Hawk, CO (“Victory! Colorado Supreme Court …

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Santa Rosa to Seattle by bike in 1909

Vic McDaniel and Ray Francisco with their bikes  in 1909

Seattle has been a destination for the long-distance bicyclists for a long time — 106 years to be exact.

That’s how long it has been since Vic McDaniel and Ray Francisco mounted their second-hand bicycles in Santa Rosa, CA, and rode north to the 1909 Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition in Seattle.

There was no Northern …

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Bicycle traveler gauges nation’s sentiments – 1 person at a time

Paul Fallon, as he appeared this summer in Kimball, Neb.

A 60-year-old Massachusetts author and architect is traveling across the US by bicycle to ask the question: How will we live tomorrow?

Why do the polling by bicycle? Paul E. Fallon answers that question in a recent column he submitted to the Seattle Times:

“A guy on a bike is like a woman in …

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Trek recalls Superfly mountain bikes

Trek Superfly S1 among bikes recalled

Waterloo, WI-based Trek Bicycle Corp. is recalling 330 of its Superfly brand of cross country mountain bikes because the carbon seat posts can break.

Trek and the Consumer Product Safety Commission are urging owners to stop using the bikes and contact dealers for a free replacement seat post. Trek says there have been two reports …

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