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10 ways bicycle tourism is booming; annual tour directors gathering

Biking Across Kansas bike tour stops at Happy Trails

Bicycle tour directors are gathering in San Diego this week to discuss the growth of their segment of the tourism industry and celebrate their 25th annual conference.

They’re all members of the Bike Tour Network, formerly known as the National Bicycle Tour Directors Association. They run everything from one-day charity bike rides, to week-long cross-state mass …

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Huge economic impact from paved trail network in Ohio

Mad River Trail (photo by Miami Valley Bike Trails)

It’s been reported time and again that biking and hiking trails draw users to healthy outdoor pursuits and stimulate the economy. We can see those findings again in a study conducted along the 330-mile network of trails in the Miami Valley in southwestern Ohio.

The study by the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission found that the …

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Touring bicyclists can pump up small-town Montana economies

Overnight stops for bike travelers

Those travelers who crisscross Montana by bicycle leave a lot of money behind as they go, spending on average between $75 to $102 a day.

That according to “Analysis of Touring Cyclists,” a study by the Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research at University of Montana in cooperation with the nonprofit Adventure Cycling Association, based …

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Creating an oasis on the Southern Tier Bicycle Route

Southern Tier Bicycle Route created by Adventure Cycling Association

Considering bicycle travelers’ reports from the Southern Tier Bicycle Route in the Deep South, a roadside sanctuary would be a good thing for bicyclists as cross between the states of Mississippi and Louisiana.

One bicyclist at Lost on 2 Wheels wrote about how the “mosquito thing is getting really old really fast.” He said that …

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Bicycling visitors considered ‘major source’ of revenue for Arizona

Out-of-state cyclists visiting Arizona for bicycling events contribute the equivalent of a tall drink of water to the economy of this arid region.

A report just published by the Arizona Department of Transportation concludes that out-of-state bicyclists bring in $88 million annually in economic benefits to Arizona.

The influx of cyclists led to the creation of more than 700 jobs …

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Bicyclists follow Waterfront Trail across Ontario; spending as they go

Ontario's Waterfront Trail (click for detail)

This surely isn’t the first time you’ve heard this, but it certainly bears repeating: Creating long-distance bicycle routes and trails draws travelers on two wheels who spend money.

Twenty-seven Canadian communities will learn that this summer when a new, 370-mile section Ontario’s Waterfront Trail will be opened along the north shore of Lake Erie.

Coming in the …

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Top 10 rails-to-trails states; Michigan is No. 1

Michigan is fast becoming a major destination for bicycle touring, and one of its major draws is its wide-ranging network of rails-to-trails.

Abandoned and out-of-service railroad corridors criss-cross the state, and local governments and “friends of the trail” groups are transforming these into paved and gravel trails for bikes and other non-motorized users.

In fact, Michigan leads the nation in upgrading railroad corridors into bike trails. Its 126 rails-to-trails stretch for 2,379 miles around the state …

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