A bicycle photography e-book free for download

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How many times have you returned home from a bicycle tour with memories of amazing spectacles and awesome scenery only to share your photos and realize they are flat and boring?

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It’s a common problem, but now there’s a free e-book available to help you improve your photos.

International bicycle traveler and photographer Paul Jeurissen has more than 30 years of experience making interesting bicycle photos. He’s recently published a free e-book entitled “Bicycle Touring Photography — a quick guide to taking better pictures.”

Paul assumes you already know how to use your camera. If you don’t, he has useful links to websites that explain those details.

What Paul does in this book is give readers an opportunity to explore different ways of taking bicycle photos beyond the simple pose-and-shoot method many use on bike tours.

By virtually flipping through this book, with photos, you’ll read about using diagonal lines, panning, depth of field, humor, scale and many other tricks that professional photographers use to compose photos. Actually, the tips are not tricks, they’re just examples of how some photographers expand their view to create interesting images.

You can read more about Paul and the philosophy behind his photographic techniques at the Paul Jeurissen Bicycle Photography website.

Click here to the download the free e-book.

While you’re at it, you might want to check out the free e-zine entitled Bicycle Traveler, An International Magazine on Bicycling Touring that Paul publishes with Grace Johnson. The most recent issue has stories about Cycling the Americas, the French Alps, and bicycle touring legend Ian Hibell.

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