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Vintage global bicycle tour photos on display at UCLA

We’ve all probably seen photos, slides and digital images taken on bicycle tours. But an exhibition at the Fowler Museum at UCLA displays amazing photographs taken by two early bicycle explorers traveling in the Middle East more than 100 years ago.

Entitled “Round Trip: Bicycle Asia Minor 1891”, the exhibition features photos taken by  Americans William Sachtleben …

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Images from a four-continent bicycle tour

The global bicycle travels of  photographer Paul Jeurissen and writer Grace Johnson are presented in photos in a newly released, free e-book entitled “Bicycling Around the World.”

“Wherever we go, we search out bike culture, dramatic landscapes and remote places,” Grace writes. “By the end of this book, we hope you’ll agree that the world …

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A bicycle photography e-book free for download

How many times have you returned home from a bicycle tour with memories of amazing spectacles and awesome scenery only to share your photos and realize they are flat and boring?

It’s a common problem, but now there’s a free e-book available to help you improve your photos.

International bicycle traveler and photographer Paul Jeurissen …

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Two new road bicycling route guides for Washington and Oregon

Some of you who have just finished up the Seattle-to-Portland Bicycle Classic this weekend might be looking for new road biking routes to tackle in the Pacific Northwest.

You’ll find them in spades in two new bicycle route guides published this summer by Mountaineer Books.

“75 Classic Rides Washington: The Best Road Biking Routes” and …

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Interviews from bicycle tour become book about Latino experience

Back in 2007, I posted a story here about a professor who took a 6-month leave from the University of Minnesota to study how Latino immigration is changing the United States.

The unique aspect for me was that he did much of his work from the saddle of his touring bicycle. Louis Mendoza pedaled nearly 7,000 miles on his perimeter travels around the country to talk with Latinos from all walks of life.

He conducted many interviews, and they’ve been compiled into a book: “Conversations Across Our America, Talking about Immigration and the Latinoization of the United States” which is scheduled for release this summer. …

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