Images from a four-continent bicycle tour

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The global bicycle travels of  photographer Paul Jeurissen and writer Grace Johnson are presented in photos in a newly released, free e-book entitled “Bicycling Around the World.”

Selected images from Bicycling Around the World

Selected images from Bicycling Around the World

“Wherever we go, we search out bike culture, dramatic landscapes and remote places,” Grace writes. “By the end of this book, we hope you’ll agree that the world is best viewed from a bike saddle.”

Paul and Grace set off in 2010 to travel the world by bicycle. In this book, which features Paul’s photos and Grace’s writings, you’ll find chapters on The Netherlands, Southern China, Southeast Asia, Indian Himalayas, India and Nepal, Pamir Highway, Bangladesh, Oman and Morocco, East Africa and the Americas.

The photos are stunning and all offer glimpses of bicycles in use for travel and transport. Some feature Grace and her fully loaded touring rig. Other photos show bikes used as workhorses to carry everything from snacks sold by street vendors in China to charcoal hauled by young boys in East Africa.

The couple also publish Bicycle Traveler, an international magazine on bicycle touring. Subscriptions to the e-zine are free. They also published an earlier e-book, “Bicycle Touring Photography — a quick guide to taking better pictures.”

All are available at Bicycle Traveler website.

After reviewing the photos and stories, I’m sure you’ll agree with Grace that the world is best viewed from a bike saddle.

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