Bike trail closures coming up for King County

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Parts of the Preston-Snoqualmie and Cedar River rail-trails will be closed for short-term maintenance in the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, the long-term closure of East Lake Sammamish Trail between Northeast 187th Avenue and Inglewood Hill Road for paving has been delayed for the time-being.

Cedar River Trail

Cedar River Trail

Cedar River Trail

A Cedar River Trail trestle that crosses the Cedar River south of Maple Valley is scheduled for closure for repairs this Tuesday and Wednesday (Feb. 18 and 19).

The trestle crosses the river on the gravel portion of the trail just south of where the Green River – Cedar River Trail splits off. King County describes the location as near Lower Dorre Don Way.

Crews will repair a damaged handrail and replace a concrete panel on the 268-foot-long trestle. No detour will be marked for this two-day closure.

Preston-Snoqualmie Trail

Preston-Snoqualmie Trail

Preston-Snoqualmie Trail

A section of the rail-trail near the Lake Alice Road crossing is slated for closure from Feb. 24-28, according to King County, so that crews can repair a trestle along that section of trail.

The county says that several rotten structural members of the trestle must be replaced, as does one section of the 192-foot-long deck of the trestle. No detour will be assigned for this closure.

This section of old railroad is notorious for faulty trestles. Built as part of the Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railroad (which now exists as the Burke-Gilman and East Lake Sammamish trails), the trestle that spanned the Raging River east of Preston collapsed in 1900 when a locomotive passed over. The Northern Pacific Railroad, which had acquired the rail line by then, rebuilt the trestle.

However, the trestle was removed in 1970 when the new owners Burlington Northern took over the railroad. That’s why trail users have to descend to the Raging River, cross Preston-Fall City Road, then climb a series of switchbacks today.

Trail at Sammamish Landing

Trail at Sammamish Landing

East Lake Sammamish Trail

King County is continuing its improvement of the East Lake Sammamish Trail by paving a 2.6-mile section between Northeast 187th Avenue and Inglewood Hill Road.

Although paving on the so-called North Sammamish Segment was scheduled to begin in late February, it has been delayed by a permit appeal process. A spokesperson says construction is still anticipated to begin this spring.

The trail in this segment will be closed during the construction of a 12-foot-wide paved trail to replace the gravel path.

Paving the Redmond Segment in the north was completed in November 2011, and the Issaquah Segment in the south in June 2013.

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