The rig I rode in 1984

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Cross country touring bike 1984; photo by Bruce Friedland

The bike was a Fuji Dynamic 10, which I’d had since about 1977. The year I bought it, Consumer Reports had named it the bike of the year.

As reflected in the name, it was a 10 speed. I upgraded by adding a third chain ring for a “granny gear” or “stump puller.” In any case, the set up caused me all sorts of problems with shifting until I was informed that I should have upgraded the front derailleur as well with a bigger cage. Things went much better after that; unfortunately I didn’t learn that until the Appalachians and Ozarks were behind us..

The front panniers were called Tailwinds, owing to their aerodynamic teardrop shape that I doubt did anything for me as I plowed across the landscape at 8 mph. The handlebar bag was made by Kirtland Tour Pak of Boulder, Colorado.

The rear panniers were made by Eclipse. They are extremely durable, and I actually still use them today for occasional bikecamping and running errands.

The helmet was a Bell hardshell with a green visor, which were very popular in the day. Note that the saddle sported a lambswool cover, which I mailed back home once my butt hardened a bit.

Today the bike is hanging in the garage. I plan to get it back on the road one day, but it needs lots of work.

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  1. […] Hard to believe, but I’d only made one training ride with all the gear. Loaded, it handled sluggishly. With front panniers — low-riders — the steering was heavy and the bike wanted to lean. With full rear panniers and a pup tent on the rack, it wanted to sway. I had converted my circa 1977 Fuji “Dynamic 10” into a 15-speed touring bicycle by adding a triple crankset. (See The Rig I rode in 1984) […]

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