RAAMing across America

NBC aired last summer's Race Across America on Jan. 22. It featured charges of cheating, a support team abandoning its rider, and the usual heroics by most participants.

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More on Missouri town's bicycle ban

A Missouri newspaper recently editorialized about the town that prosecuted a “no bicycling” case against a man suffering MS.

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2004 good year for Taiwan bicycle makers

While one US bicycle maker (Pacific Cycle) was snatched up by a Canadian conglomerate and another (Huffy) sought bankruptcy protection, Taiwan's leading bike manufacturers are coming off a record year.

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Bicycle vs. dog

Sooner or later, a bicyclist will run afoul of a dog. Man's goofy, drooling best friend turns into a ferocious prey-chasing carnivore…

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Bicycles: Tallest, longest…

An automobile designer in India claims he has built the world's largest tricycle. At 42 feet in height, it beats …

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Schwinn, not exactly All-American anymore

Owned by a Canadian manufacturing conglomerate and built in China, Schwinn has buried its Made in USA roots for good.

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Lawson, Missouri; The worst town for bicyclists?

Everyone has a favorite story about a least favorite place to bicycle.

I challenge anyone to name a town more …

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New Italian bicycle — the Da Vinci

Did Leonardo Da Vinci design the bicycle in Italy 300 years before it was invented?

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All Lance, all the time

TV viewers will see plenty of Lance Armstrong this year, even if he doesn't attempt a seventh-straight Tour de France victory.

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Trail-a-bike recall

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission says some of those single-wheeled bicycle trailers distributed by Norco Products Ltd. of Canada …

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