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Blue barns, blue skies, and old school house as seen from a black bicycle

Growing up in Ohio and spending lots of time bicycling country roads, I’ve certainly seen my share of barns. Red barns. White barns. Weathered wooden barns. Barns with Mail Pouch Tobacco signs on them.

But I’ve never seen a blue barn.

Bicyclists who ride the roads of the Snoqualmie Valley undoubtedly know this location. The King County Historic and Scenic Corridors Project tells us …

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Spring is here, wildflower-themed bike rides coming up

While the sun shone on Saturday, I paid a visit to the tangled hodge-podge of mountain biking trails under the power lines near Philip Arnold Park in Renton.

Some of these trails at the so-called “Towers of Power” site date back more than 20 years. Among all the volunteers who have helped maintain them over …

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Cascade Bicycle Club members can register for 2013 bike rides today

If you’re a member in good-standing with the Cascade Bicycle Club, then you can jump into online registration this morning (Tuesday) beginning at 10 a.m.

Simply log into Cascade Bicycle Club rides for 2013 and check your preferences for the upcoming rides. If you haven’t signed in previously, you’ll need an account.

Registration for the general public opens at 10 a.m. Feb. 5.

Unlike last year’s inauguration of the World Bicycle Relief Red-Bell 100, there don’t appear to be any new rides scheduled for 2013 that require prior registration (the Seattle Brews Cruise has a later registration date). And all the old favorites ….

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Seeking the best views on a rare, clear winter day

Precipitation in Seattle is falling about 30% ahead of average for 2012, and much of that has been over the last month or so. While that hasn’t keep me from running errands on my bike, it certainly has kept me from enjoying bike rides as I normally do.

So when the sun blasted through some thinning high clouds on Friday, I packed up and headed to a place where I could enjoy the views.
My destination was King County’s Tolt MacDonald Park, which sits at the edge of Carnation on the confluence of the Tolt and Snoqualmie rivers. A privately owned forest sits at the top of a steep climb behind the park, but the owners allow mountain bike …

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Bicycling with the return of weather and fall foliage forecasts

Gosh. I just love the sound my bicycle tires make as they zip through puddles and slosh over soggy leaves that fall on wet autumn days. That’s why it was so much fun to ride through the first decent rain of the season on Sunday.

OK. That’s a bunch of malarkey.

I never enjoyed bicycling …

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Bicycling on road and dirt on tap in Seattle area this weekend

It might not feel like summer yet, but a couple of summer bicycling events are on tap this weekend in the Seattle area.

The 3-day Evergreen Mountain Bike Festival gets underway this evening with its volunteer recognition celebration at Duthie Hill Park. The mountain bike event continues all-day Saturday at Duthie and Sunday at Black Diamond.

Then on Saturday, the Flying Wheels Century takes a flying start in Redmond. …

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