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150 years of bicycle history at CNN

Bicycle historian David V. Herlihy was called upon to provide background for CNN’s Art of Movement feature this month that focuses on the bicycle — “the world’s most popular vehicle.”

“From Boneshaker to BMX: 150 years of the bicycle” tells the story of the bicycle from the first wood and steel draisines to today’s lightweight carbon fiber …

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Blue barns, blue skies, and old school house as seen from a black bicycle

Growing up in Ohio and spending lots of time bicycling country roads, I’ve certainly seen my share of barns. Red barns. White barns. Weathered wooden barns. Barns with Mail Pouch Tobacco signs on them.

But I’ve never seen a blue barn.

Bicyclists who ride the roads of the Snoqualmie Valley undoubtedly know this location. The King County Historic and Scenic Corridors Project tells us …

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Bicycle author writes about mid-1930s world bicycle travelers

A few months ago, I wrote a short blog post here about Fred Birchmore, the mid-1930s bicycle traveler from Georgia. He may have been the first “Fred” — now a mocking term for a bicycling enthusiast.

At the time, “Bicycle: The History” author David V. Herlihy was working on a piece about Birchmore for the …

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30 days of biking: Where coal was king

This is far as you can get by bicycle to the old site of Newcastle, aka Red Town, an historic coal mining center that’s now Cougar Mountain Park east of Seattle.

The park is closed to bicycle use, even though many of the trails are wide and stable enough to carry fire equipment and park …

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