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Did Missouri mayor intentionally hit cyclist? Charges filed

Oct. 3, 2014 — The St. Louis County Police Department has Sunset Hills Mayor Mark Furrer with 2 felonies in connection with allegations that he intentionally ran a bicyclist off the road with his car.

Furrer was charged with one count of second-degree assault and one count of first-degree property damage, according to reports in the Call …

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The words no bike-ride director wants to hear

Amber Travsky is the ride director for Tour de Wyoming, an annual week-long mass bicycle tour that for 18 years has ushered cyclists around the Cowboy State.

During this year’s tour of the Wind River Mountains, Travsky heard the words that no ride director wants to hear:

“Amber, someone’s been hit.”

She writes about the collision …

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Florida bicyclist left for dead, fights for recovery

The Florida bicyclist who was left for dead behind a trash bin by a hit-and-run driver last December has been hospitalized since the crash but is showing signs of improvement.

Doctors took Craig Camlin, 53, off a ventilator a week ago and he is breathing on his own, says a sister, Jayne Camlin. “This is …

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Driver fined for violating Washington’s vulnerable user law

Washington is one of a few states that has a “vulnerable users law” that holds negligent drivers accountable for injuring bicyclists or pedestrians.

Before the law passed the state legislature in 2011 and became law in 2012, a motorist at fault for injuring a bicyclist in a collision would face little more than a traffic …

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Scottsdale pays big settlement for deteriorated bike path

The old adage “You can’t fight city hall” doesn’t apply to a Scottsdale, Arizona, man who crashed on a notoriously poorly maintained stretch of bike path in that city in 2009.

Allan Fenyves and his attorney fought city hall and won a $426,000 settlement last week in a negligence lawsuit.

KPHO News reports that Scottsdale …

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Hit-and-run driver tweets about “#bloodycyclists”, then apologizes

A female motorist in England sparked outrage among bicyclists in her home country and around the world by tweeting on Monday:

Definitely knocked a cyclist of his bike earlier – I have right of way he doesn’t even pay road tax! #bloodycyclists

In reaction to her tweet, hundreds of cyclists took to Twitter to say …

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