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Making the Natchez Trace Parkway safe for cyclists

The Natchez Trace Parkway between Nashville, Tennessee, and Tupelo, Mississippi, seems like a natural route for bicyclists traveling between the country music capital and the birthplace of Elvis.

Of course there are many other reasons to travel the  444-mile route across Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. Among them is the fact that the parkway is designated …

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Death Valley National Park freezes bike race and charity bike ride permits

Event organizers who operate charity bike rides and bike races in the Death Valley National Park learned just before Christmas that no new permits for such sporting events will be issued at the park in 2014.

The park service is citing safety concerns and a need to study such sporting events before issuing permits for …

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Bicyclists locked out in government shut down

People who ride bicycles are among those feeling the pinch in the federal government shut down.

Although it’s nothing compared to the impact for 800,000 government employees, housing voucher recipients, veterans seeking benefits, and many others, bicyclists have found themselves shut out of federal facilities as well.

Hiram Chittenden Locks

Close to home here in …

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Interior department nominee understands bicycling issues, says bike industry

President Obama’s choice of  REI CEO Sally Jewell as his nomination for Secretary of the Interior should be good news for bicycling.

If approved by Congress, the top exec of the Kent, Washington-based company will head up the department that oversees the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management. Bicycling issues — especially regarding …

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