“Bicycle Dreams” documentary tells the behind-the-scenes RAAM story

[The film “Bicycle Dreams” will be presented next Thursday (March 14, 2013) at 7 p.m. at the Harvard Exit Theater at 807 East Roy Street in Seattle. The showing is presented by the Bicycle Alliance of Washington. See details here for discount advance tickets.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, here’s a story I did in 2009 about the film. By the way, Dani Wyss won the race in 2009, but Jure Robic won the contest the following year. Tragically, he died in September 2010 in a collision with a car during a training ride.]

June 23, 2009 — Endurance cycling junkies no doubt are enjoying the contest between Jure Robic and Dani Wyss being played out this week as the Race Across America nears the finish line. ….

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RAAM rookie wins cross-country bicycle race

A first-time Race Across America cyclist set the third best average speed ever in winning the event on Thursday in 8 days, 6 hours and 29 minutes.

Swiss cyclist Reto Schoch scorched the 2,987-mile route from Oceanside, California, to Annapolis, Maryland, at an average speed of 15.05 mph, a speed that includes the infrequent rest breaks.

The anticipated last-day battle for victory never materialized, as defending champion Christoph Strasser of Austria faded back after crossing the Appalachians….

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RAAM endurance cyclists pushing the envelope

The 31st edition of the Race Across America got underway at noon on Wednesday, and by Friday morning the leading bicyclists had crossed California, Arizona and were well into Utah.

No sooner will I file this than Reto Schoch, the leading cyclist from Switzerland, could be rolling into Cortez, Colorado — 814 miles into the 3,000-mile crossing. Friday morning he was averaging 18.32 mph so far.

RAAM is trans-America bicycle touring with the fast-forward button punched. Back in …

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