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Bike share in Seattle on track for late summer opening

It looks like Seattle will be joining the swelling ranks of cities worldwide where people commuting or running errands can  quickly rent a bike for a few minutes or a day.

The Puget Sound Bike Share announced Thursday that it plans to put 500 bicycles on the streets by late summer. They’ll be available at …

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Picking your favorite city for bicycling the USA TODAY way

USA Today knows that people like to read Top 10 lists, so it creates a lot of them. Currently, the newspaper’s Travel Section is running a reader response poll on the 10 Best U.S. Cycling Towns.

Former pro cyclist George Hincapie was asked to nominate 20 cities to the list, and readers get to vote …

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Seattle’s Bicycle Sundays dates in 2014

Bicyclists can enjoy a traffic-free stretch of Lake Washington Boulevard for 12 Sundays this year as Bicycle Sundays returns for its 46th year.

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Huge growth for bike sharing in US last year

Forty cities in the U.S. host some type of bicycle-sharing system at the beginning of 2014, after 13 cities joined the effort to use rental bikes to solve traffic congestion and pollution in 2013.

In spite of successful ridership for those systems throughout the year, several had to shut down briefly because of snow and/or …

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Bicycle projects in Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Renton get federal funds

Several bicycle and pedestrian projects can go ahead now that the Puget Sound Regional Council on Thursday selected the projects for federal funding.

Among the biggest ticket construction items are the Prairie Line Trail ($1.9 million) in Tacoma, Overlake Village Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge ($5 million) in Redmond, the Northrup Way Connection to the State …

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Seattle bicycle shops featured in industry newsletter

Editors for the Bicycle Retailer and Industry News publication came away greatly impressed with the Emerald City during their recent Seattle dealer tour.

I know that the bicycling is great here in the Pacific Northwest, but it’s always good to hear praise from those who don’t spend a lot of time here.

As the magazine …

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Where to learn about updating Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan

The Seattle Bicycle Master Plan is a work in progress.

Since the master plan was first adopted in 2007, some new best practices to make roads safer for cyclists have evolved.

Policy makers want to implement some of those changes in an updated master plan currently under review. [See the updated plan here.]

Cycle …

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Bicyclist killed in south Seattle collision with a semi-truck

Update: A 54-year-old male bicyclist died in a collision with a semi-truck Wednesday morning in Seattle at the intersection of South Hanford Street and East Marginal Way South.

The cyclist was identified as Lance David of Federal Way, an avid cyclist. Reports say he regularly pedaled more than 5,000 miles a year and rode from …

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Bike share is now on tap for Seattle in Spring 2014

Puget Sound Bike Share has chosen Portland-based Alta Bicycle Share to operate a system that will be on the ground here by the spring of 2014 with 500 bicycles at 50 stations.

The announcement, made in the Seattle Times this morning, is expected later Tuesday afternoon.

Alta Bicycle Share is related to ….

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12 Bicycle Sundays return in 2013 for Seattle bike lovers

It’s always sunny in Seattle on  Bicycle Sundays.

Or at least that’s how I remember my regular rides over to Lake Washington Boulevard to enjoy some scenic bicycling without the worry of motor vehicle traffic.

The Seattle Parks and Recreation Department, in conjunction with Cascade Bicycle Club, is continuing its tradition of closing a …

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