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Repairs to Whitehorse Trail landslide damage in Oso delayed a year

Rebuilding a mile-long section of rail-trail destroyed in the deadly Oso landslide last March has been delayed by a year.

[See full map and key by Centennial Trail Coalition of Snohomish County]

Snohomish County officials previously had proposed to begin reconstruction of the damaged section of the Whitehorse Trail by this summer, to encourage more bicyclists, hikers and …

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Whitehorse Trail washout will get FEMA funds

The 1-mile section of Whitehorse Trail washed out by the devastating Oso landslide in March will be restored with funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The rail-trail corridor rolls along the North Fork Stillaguamish River for 27 miles between Arlington and Darrington. The trail, still covered in the original railroad ballast, was damaged in …

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Last gap on Centennial Trail is open for bicycle traffic

The last interruption of a completely off-road bicycle ride from the town of Snohomish to the Skagit County line is gone.

Crews in Arlington have rerouted and finished paving a one-mile segment of the Centennial Trail that previously had shared 67th Avenue with cars and trucks as it approached downtown from the south.

The completion …

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Bike ride benefits victims of Snohomish County landslide

Proceeds from the first-ever All-in Family Bike Ride presented by the Marysville YMCA on April 5 will benefit the Red Cross efforts to help the landslide ravaged community of  Oso in Snohomish County.

Rescuers are still searching the mile-square area between Arlington and Darrington along the Stillaquamish River for survivors or bodies. Authorities say 25 …

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Rail-trail corridor wiped out by Snohomish County landslide

That landslide on Saturday that swept down a hillside along the North Fork of the Stillaquamish River also took out a section of the White Horse Trail, a mountain biking and hiking trail.

Recent heavy March rains are considered responsible for the deadly landslide onto State Route 530 near the town of Oso. Three people …

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Centennial Trail ‘missing link’ construction begins in Arlington; bicycling detours available

Work has finally begun in Arlington on the last 1-mile interruption of the Centennial Trail as it rolls for some 30 miles from downtown Snohomish to the Skagit County line.

The construction on 67th Avenue Northeast should run off and on throughout the year and into early 2014. Crews started installing fencing and opening parts …

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